Magazines, videos and events for the youth of Adelaide.

YEWTH is an independent publication and creative collective producing magazines, videos and events with a focus on local music, art and culture. Based in Adelaide, South Australia, we are connecting the youth with quality content produced by creatives for creatives, and supporters from all respective scenes and walks of life.

At YEWTH we believe in the power of print media and creating a free magazine that is relevant yet long-lasting, a piece of art in itself, because print is not dead. We also produce regular videos, online articles, social media content, DJ mixes and events, because innovation and consistency across all mediums is vital.

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“Yewth is unique, relevant and ever growing. Furthermore, it is the only street press of its kind in Adelaide, documenting the grassroots activity of local and emerging artists and musicians.”

Celeste Aldahn, Teens Program Officer at the Art Gallery of South Australia


"The aesthetic sensibility, the sense of sophisticated iconoclasm, the breadth of understanding of music and art are breathtaking. This is a project of great quality and a young project, which defines, leads and inspires youth."

Peter Goers, presenter at 891 ABC Adelaide


The quality of Yewth to date has been noted by many people in Adelaide, the impact it is making is impressive.”

Heather Croall, Director & Chief Executive at the Adelaide Fringe


“YEWTH magazine in particular is a piece of beauty and is key in promoting the original contemporary music scene in Adelaide.”

Lisa Bishop, General Manager at Music SA


“Laced with a slew of interviews, photos, and editorials of local gurus at the top of their craft, YEWTH is a great introduction to the undiscovered talent rolling around Adelaide.”

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