Every Easter long weekend, one farm in the Clare Valley turns into Blenheim Music & Camping Festival and it's kind of the greatest time ever.

Words by Courtney Duka

After a cheeky warm-up party last Wednesday night, we thought we better give y'all the rundown on Blenheim Music & Camping Festival. From experience, we know it is a festival that brings the goods.

Blenheim Festival brings a unique twist to local festival game for a number of reasons.

1. It is spearheaded completely by volunteers and is a not-for-profit event. Yup, they are doing it because they are SO LOVELY. All profits are instead donated to the New Hope For Cambodia foundation, to help fun their numerous famly outreach, health and education programs. Now in it's sixth year, Blenheim Fest and its partners have helped raise over tens of thousands of dollars for NHFC.

2. Sick of paying ten bucks for a light beer at festivals? Blenheim Fest is BYO event! As one of the few camping music festivals in the state, you can drive you and your mates there without having to spend the festival eve trying to hide goon sacks into any hidden crevices of your vehicle and then sleep in that same car on site. Sweeeeeet.

3. The festival consistently packs the bill with SA's best and fairest musicians. This year is no exception and for the first time, it boasts international acts Tony Joe White, Z Star and Marlon Williams.

We especially look forward to the early morning party times with Urtekk beneath the moonlight.

4. While it has hosted sold out events for over half a decade and counting, Blenheim has a capped capacity. This keep the ground roots vibes a running, which is the key charm of this event.

5. This, along with its strict 'No Dick Heads' policy means everybody loves everybody. Great times a plenty.

6. An enormous amount of local support is injected into the camping festival courtesy of the Clare Valley region's finest sponsors such as Shut The Gate, Skillogalee and Kirrihill.

With this much amazing local produce and less than two hours of the CBD, we should all be venturing to the area year round.

Remember folks, word of mouth goes a long way. Tell yo friends!

WHAT: Blenheim Music & Camping Festival WHEN: Good Friday, April 3rd TICKETS: Click Here.

LIKE the blenheim facebook page here, join the event here and buy tickets from here.