The freezing cold didn't keep people away from Pirie & Co, where Adelaide’s Array were heating it up with the help of Creature Space and The Cities Alight last Friday night.

Words & Photos by Kate Sansome

The Cities Alight energized the audience by bringing back the amazing sounds of 1970s’ rock. Charismatic David Bowering captivated the audience with his impressive voice and very talented keyboard playing.  The enthusiastic and fun music influenced a variety of dance moves from the audience, including slow dancing, square dancing and one member doing a very interesting interpretation of “pop and lock” moves.  The Cities Alight also treated the audience by playing a new song for the first time live. However, after several calls of “this is our last song”, I was itching to hear the next band, as after a while many of their songs started to sound very similar.

Unfortunately Creature Space had a tough act to follow.  They did not start performing until 11pm, as I believe there were some technical issues with Pirie’s sound system.   Their loud sound check drowned out the intermission music from the resident DJs, causing restlessness among audience members, with many retreating to the back of the venue from the dance-floor.  The delay caused understandable distress among the band members, and their nervousness at the beginning of their set reflected on their performance, which was a bit bland and flavourless.   Although, as the set progressed the band recovered showing off their distinct psychedelic vibes and groovy sounds.

It was hard to believe it was freezing cold outside when Array came on, with their surfy shirts, vans, dreadlocks and overall Aussie summer vibes.  The beachy, chilled rock band heated up the tentative audience, especially when the guitarist came into the crowd and danced with a few fans at the front.  The drummer and groovy, deep sounds from the bearded lead singer, Matt Prasinov, entertained the whole venue.  Array has a very unique alternative/hypnotic sound that would appeal to those who enjoy Sticky Fingers and other Australian reggae-rock bands.  It definitely was an great gig and atmosphere (especially for free entry!) and I would definitely recommend Adelaidians getting behind Array and supporting them by attending some of their future performances.