one & three chats with fifteen year old music enthusiast jack farmer about jumping on your favourite artists' shoulders, local bands to check out and tackling the live scene when you're under age.



Who are your favourite local bands?

My favourite local bands are:

Raccoon City Police Department West Thebarton Brothel Party Sincerely, Grizzly Crisis Alert Archers Astro Cobalt Sparkspitter Beaver Canidae


And who are your favourite local bands to watch live?

Favourite live band is a tie between West Theb, Archers, Sparkspitter and Astro.


What is it about these bands’ live show that makes them favourites?

West Theb and Archers have an amazing stage presence while Sparkspitter's music is just awe-inspiring and you can’t help but just be amazed. Astro Cobalt is my cousin's fiancé’s band so it's cool to see him onstage and their music live is really nice and calming.


Are there any other local bands or artists you think we ought to know about?

Hydromedusa, Jake Heading and Sam Brittain.


Are you in a band of your own, or play any instruments?

I was starting a band but shit fell apart and people split, so I just write my own instrumental stuff on guitar. I have a few bit and pieces up already on Soundcloud and Bandcamp.


Is it hard being underage to get out to see live music in Adelaide?

Yup, definitely. Ranging from my over-protective Mother, to the fact that a lot of the gigs are 18+, it’s tough. But, in saying that, making friends with people in bands helps because I can get into their gigs even if they aren’t all ages shows.


Do you think Adelaide Council, bands, venues etc. should be doing more to make live music available and accessible to people under eighteen?

Definitely. Even maybe doing what places in Victoria do where the band does two shows - an earlier under eighteen or all ages and then an eighteen plus one - but that might result in even less AA or underage shows.

But there needs to be more done to get underages into local gigs, they are the ones that will be in the next wave of bands and them going to as many gigs as possible will help them form relationships with the people they need to, to start a proper bands and boost the scene.


Any other ideas or suggestions you have for them?

I believe the main reason that a lot of local gigs are 18+ is because of the licensing. I would say that they could make a lot of gigs AA unlicensed but that would throw both punters and venues off having these concerts, as venues make more money from alcohol as it's more widely bought and is higher priced when compared to non-alcoholic drinks. Doesn't make a difference to me as:

  1. I’m underage.
  2. I don’t look old enough to be able to convince the bartender to sell me alcohol.


You have rubbed shoulders with some of the best in the biz! Who have been some of your favourite musicians to meet?

Favourite musicians to meet would have to be Mac Demarco and Wil Wagner. These guys are my idols and it was just so surreal meeting them. I met Wil because he pulled me up on stage. I was crowd surfing at one of Smith Street’s gigs and a guy tried to snatch a drumstick I had, as it was Matt from The Front Bottoms’ drumstick and it was their first tour. There was no fucking way I was giving that up!

I kept a firm grip on it and was just circling the guy holding the other end of the stick and Wil saw me, reached his hand out, I grabbed it and he pulled me (with drumstick in hand) up onto stage, and put me on his shoulders, slinging a guitar and not missing a single line.


Mac DeMarco was one of the luckiest things that happened to me. I look so much younger than my friends and we had other people make fake media passes so we could get into Laneway. I had changed the year of birth on my ID and it looked excellent and wasn’t coming off. I get out front of Laneway and disaster strikes. The year of birth had rubbed off so it said my actual year of birth and unfortunately, I didn’t get in that way.

I watched the little acts I could from outside the fence and was mid-set of watching Benjamin Booker play and saw Mac’s band get out of a van so I started talking to the bassist, he went and borrowed their guitar tech's pass and got me backstage. I was able to watch Mac side of stage, flipping the bird back to my friends who were giving me the finger from the crowd, crowd surfed and ended up with Mac crushing me on top of people, and was on the shoulders of the King himself.

I asked their manager if I could hang with them backstage because there was no way I was going to be able to get into the event and I didn’t want to have to wait until 11pm for my friends to come out. So I hung out in the artist area, filming stuff for Dunies TV, hanging with Ratking, Courtney Barnett, Angel Olsen and so many other people. Unfortunately, I can’t post any of the pictures on Facebook (even though I’ve blocked anyone who talks to my parents) as I lied to my parents about where I was.

Oops. The struggles of being a teenager.




(Side Note: One of the 1&3 team members was working in artist area, and can totally vouch he was there getting shoulders rides from the whole friggin’ line-up.)


We get a bit sick of hearing that 'there isn't anything to do in Adelaide' or people that think our music scene is dull. What would you say to those people?

I say to those people like I say to people who say ‘all music released nowadays is crap’: If you look below the shitty surface you count as filth, you are bound to find something you like. Heck, I found an electronic based record store the other day thanks to Rip It Up!