Kaurna Cronin launched his new single 'Inside Your Town Is Inside Your head' at an intimate hometown show.

Words & Photos by Sharmonie Cockayne

On the cold Autumn night that was Saturday the 16th of May, Kaurna Cronin gathered his guitar, his harmonica and his band, and headed on over to the humble little space that is Nexus Arts. Here, with the support of Rowena Wise and Banjo Jackson, he launched his new single: ‘Inside Your Town Is Inside Your Head’.


Standing alone onstage but for her tiny ukulele, indie-folk artist Rowena Wise opened the night singling lovely folky tunes ‘City Beach,’ ‘Frozen Dinner’ and ‘Words’. The latter of which has a gorgeous little video and was recently released on iTunes, FYI.  She’s a Western Australian girl living in Melbourne, but she told the crowd that she could see herself living in Adelaide. If that little admission didn’t win our hearts, her soulful, earthy voice certainly did.


Following Rowena, Banjo Jackson continued to warm up the stage. Supported by his bassist and violinist, the softly spoken singer-songwriter sung stories like he was around a campfire. And sitting among a cross-legged crowd under the high roofs of Nexus, sheltered from the cold of the night, it wasn’t so hard to imagine that we were.

. Kaurna’s performance often left me lost for words, not because of his high energy or hilarious song descriptions (This song is called ‘Stockholm’ and it is about Stockholm… This song is called Run Boy. It’s about running. And being a boy.), but for his utterly genuine lyrical delivery. The way he sings so openly and tenderly of death in ‘Leave Me a Letter’ makes Kaurna seem unbelievably older and wiser than his young years. And I’m not sure if it’s that or his hair, but it can’t really be helped that come end of a Kaurna show, you fall more than a little in love with him.


And of his new single? Not only is ‘Inside Your Town Is Inside Your Head’ an absolute jam, the meaning of it also hits right at the heart strings. It’s about Adelaide, and Adelaide musicians who move away to the Eastern states instead of staying and adding to the “beautiful little culture” that we have here. Truth.


Though the space wasn’t packed, those who were in the talented singer’s midst swayed in awe from their cross-legged seat on the ground. I can only imagine what the crowd looked like from the stage– sea of picnic-ers maybe, with their eyes feasting on himself instead of mouths feasting on packed sandwiches and olives.


The humble sized crowd didn’t seem to faze the three performers though, and it certainly didn’t faze those who did attend. In fact, I think it only added to the night. What with Rowena’s affectionate banter with the crowd about wearing Kaurna’s merchandise on stage, Banjo parading his gorgeous, tiny daughter Ivy around all night, and Kaurna’s stories of hitchhiking adventures, it felt as if we all came to Nexus as strangers and left Nexus as friends.






Kaurna’s album is due out in the middle of the year. Follow his facebook page here.