Scoping out Adelaide's nightlife.. there's an app for that!

Words by Courtney Duka Photos by Shannon Gunn

By now you might of heard about the Little Birdy network application. It's a new app on the market, unlike anything else currently offered that gives you the heads up on what venues are around, plus live feeds of how many people are out and about in Adelaide - perfect for discovering our city of small bars and pop-ups!

Using Bluetooth beacons installed in venues, your phone can automatically locate and check you in to whereever your little feet have found you, see what other venues are nearby, and get a glimpse of the vibe before you make your way to the next location.


But what does the app mean for Adelaide music?

Basically, it's going to be another promotional tool under live music venues' belts to share whats happening, who's playing and what the vibes are like. At the moment, the app is completely free to use for both venues and customers which means free advertising space, and who doesn't want that? Venue features include insights and stats, but unlike other social media forms, it will be information on who is actually coming rather than just 'liking' your venue and events. Data you can really use.

With growth and development of the app we can only suspect it won't be long until more features are included to help live music venues, including ticking links on top of current gig guide and 'What's On' features.


And for band members?

Why not use the feed to post Behind the scenes snaps to the feed? Feed in pictures of the crowd for surrounding party-goers? The feed provides exposure to potential crowds who might have otherwise not know your band exists. Any more tools under the belt to promote yourselves or your shows are good ones as far as we're concerned.

The more users and venues that are involved the better. This app is going to work, and we can't wait to see how Little Birdy continues to develop and what exciting ways we can all make the most of it.

The Little Birdy app is now available for free via the App Store, and soon to be available for Android.

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