Does your artwork send the right message about your music? Need a hand getting it right? Meet graphic designer Todd Fischer.


There is a lot more than playing music that goes into being in a band. In fact, you'll find most bands reach success by having to incorporate several different roles other than 'musician' from within the band including including management, bookings, publicity and marketing. Your branding and design becomes the key way to express your music without the music its self. One local lad that has a great eye for this is, and someone we watch with eager eyes is Todd Fischer.


What's your involvement with Adelaide music?

Growing up I watched a lot of my friends play in great bands and I always knew I wanted music to be a big part of my life and career. I actually started playing a few gigs with a friend of mine a few years ago and although I loved it, I always knew I didn’t have the ability to make a career out of singing and performing live. That’s why I’m so happy that I’ve been able to start a business that not only allows me to express myself creatively but also keep very close ties with the music industry. Designing gig posters and album covers is easily my favourite part of the job and thanks to a leg up from a few key people within the industry like Alice Fraser; I’ve been able to build up quite a decent portfolio of clients.


Who have you worked with so far?

Initially I started doing a bit of work for The Bakers Digest and also got a lot of support from some lovely people at The Whitmore Hotel who would regularly send me gig poster jobs for artists like Alice Haddy. Alice Fraser, who was managing Bakers Digest at the time, started spreading my name and this led to work with the Glenelg Surf Club’s “La Mar Sundays” and bands like Jimmy and The Mirrors. One of the J&TM members, Kaurna Cronin, has now become my most regular client. That guy works HARD, he’s currently on a European tour playing more than 60 gigs and did the same thing last year. Super organized too, he had me complete his album cover about 6 months before the release (take note musicians – this makes designers happy). Most recently, I designed the EP artwork for The Wasted Wanderers who are an incredible local band that I’m stoked to be working with. The EP Goddamn Anything is amazing and already getting some great reviews.




Whats the key to a great cover design or gig poster?

I’m still working that out myself, but I try to place an emphasis on getting to know the music inside-out so that I can give a visual representation of the mood and feel that their music creates. I’ve seen first-hand the amount of effort and thought that these artists put into their work and that’s why it’s so important to represent it with a design that has the same thought and consideration. You’ve got to find a designer that connects with your music and can help create a look or brand that is synonymous with your sound.


If you could work with any band or artist, who would it be?

Locally I would LOVE to work with 5/4 Entertainment and some of their artists like Jesse Davidson and Tkay. Nationally I’d love to work with Chet Faker, who I’ve had an infatuation with since he started replying to my snapchats a few years ago. Internationally it would be my dream to work with Justin Vernon. Seeing Bon Iver is still the single greatest moment of my life - I had goosebumps the entire concert.


What are some of your favourite record covers of all time?

Queen's second album, the black one with their four faces is cool and I'd say Abbey Road and Nirvana's Nevermind would be some of the most iconic. Jai Paul's album cover is hilariously amazing and I adore Ta-Ku's floral covers for his Songs To Break/Make Up To albums. Locally I absolutely loved Oisima's latest album cover and I also bought a copy of Cosmo Thundercat's EP at a gig recently which had some stunning design work.


Any more local bands in the works of getting the Fischer treatment?

I am extremely excited to be working on an EP cover and some gig posters for Louis Donnarumma soon. I've gone to see him play a few times now and believe me when I say this kid is going to be a superstar. I'm stoked that I'm going to have the chance to help him get his music out there. I also reached out to Luke Carlino recently after falling in love with his 'Making Maps' film clip so hopefully we'll be working on something together soon.


Who are you listening to locally? Anyone we need to know about?

I'm sure they're no secret to anyone but all of the bands I've mentioned so far are amazing and all worth listening to but in particular Kaurna Cronin, Wasted Wanderers, Oisima and Louis Donnarumma are all on high-rotation for me. Once again they're no secret but I also love West Thebarton Brothel Party, Jesse Davidson, Dr Piffle & The Burlap Band, Brokers and Banjo Jackson.


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