Elena Nees presents Cubby Haus.Jaw Dropping beauty via sights and sounds.

Words by Dave Kameniar Photos by Sharmonie Cockayne


Ancient World plays host to an array of delightful events every weekend, and Friday’s Cubby Haus was no exception. Bringing together some of Adelaide’s finer electronic artists, face painting, live art, comfortable chairs and local brews is always a surefire way to anyone’s heart. The setting and artists worked well together to build the vibe on what was a fantastic evening.


Local artist Heath Dalziel coloured the space and everyone’s hearts with his breathtaking live oil and ink projections. Look out for his intriguing, lucid art-form hopefully providing a beautiful setting and ambience for more live music around the city.


Tracy Chen began the night sedating the crowd with her enchanting and soothing music. Her tranquil and ethereal creations allowed the audience to forget their weekday woes and welcome in the weekend. With a cold frosty in hand, the otherworldly vibe was the perfect introduction to the evening.


Lonelyspeck came to the stage and continued the vibe with his dreamy intricate masterpieces. His simplistic and modest approach was a sheer beauty to experience, as we allowed his atmospheric sounds to wash over us. If you haven’t already, jump onto this guy’s Soundcloud and discover the new soundtrack to your life.


Next to the stage was two-piece Hummingbird who creates a unique downbeat breed of electronica filled with floating guitars and flowing catchy melodies. With their dreamy vocals, beat production and instrumentation, the duo charmed the growing audience with tunes like ‘Is There A Word For The Light That Falls’ and ‘Make a Space’. With memorable hooks and charismatic stage presence these two are most definitely onto something special.


The ever-glamourous Joy Sparkes was up next and she was fantastic as per usual. Following a recent performance like hers at Futuresounds IV is never easy, but she did so in style. With performances like these, Joy Sparkes is cementing herself as a staple in the Adelaide electronic music scene. Her ability to take an audience from drop jawed to booty shakin’ in the same set is second to none on the Adelaide scene. Keep on killin’ it Joy.


As the night carried on and a dance was in order, seasoned selector Strict Face jumped behind the decks, serving up his usual array of grimey, beat-heavy bangers keeping the dance floor moving until close. He showcased his seamless mixing and incredible ear for music, giving the dancers exactly what they wanted.


With the success of Cubby Haus, Ancient World continues its run of providing some of the finest events in Adelaide’s sometimes lacking nightlife scene. If last Friday’s installment is anything to go by, we can definitely expect many more events like this on the horizon.