Words by Anthony Nocera Photos by Sharmonie Cockayne

Bad news everyone! It seems that the proliferation of the internet has done nothing to help the dancing of the South Australian population. Wow, guys. No. Also bad news, Tkay Maidza is going places. Big places. So next time she tours, you probably won’t be able to see her for under fifty dollars.



The night kicked off with Sydney electro-babes Porsches. Tearing through creamy hits like ‘Horses’ and their absolutely banging collab with producer Kilta, ‘Want 2’, Porsches didn’t put a foot wrong musically and are legitimately one of the best sounding electronic acts touring right now. However, they fizzled out towards the end, with a lot of their more downbeat and slower material closing out the set. A reshuffle of their set-list would do justice to their truly remarkable live sound, which was as silky smooth as the matching Adidas tracksuits they wore on the night.


Next up where whimsical, earth-darlings Willow Beats. Playing through last years Water EP, the band- complete with tripped out synths and a flute (omg)- were entrancing. Sounding like a cross between Marina Diamandis and Lana Del Rey (but socially relevant and without the thick layers of pretension), lead-singer Narayana Johnson belly danced and vogued over every inch of the stage while putting on a near flawless vocal performance. Despite the intense ‘Eat Pray Love-ing’ that everyone in the crowd started doing (one punter close to me shouted, ‘man I wish I had a bindi on this is so good’), Willow Beats were solid and have come along way since their last tour. Having spent the last few months writing, it’ll be interesting to hear the new material in full.


Speaking of coming a long way, when Tkay Maidza finally arrived on the stage, she ARRIVED. The months of travelling and touring have seriously paid off, having added layers of production and sheen to the already impressive live show she put on during the M.O.B tour earlier in the year with L.K. McKay. Though there wasn’t a tonne of new material (the few bits of new material we did get were fit so seamlessly into the set that we can expect them to be hits when they are, eventually, released), the music sounded better than ever before; Maidza is now a seasoned performer, and it showed. She didn’t put a foot wrong and hit every beat just right. One thing that stood out, apart from all the fun Maidza was clearly having, was how much Tkay’s vocals have developed in the last few months. Her flow has always been top notch, but vocally she has never sounded more confident or powerful than she does right now, with more vocal-heavy songs like ‘Wishes’ and ‘Switch Lanes’ feeling just as assured and strong live as they always have recorded. It was a mind-blowingly good show.


It was a night of strong performances by all involved, and one where Tkay Maidza arrived as a true force in Australian music, and we aren’t even close to scratching the surface of what she can do. All power to you, Tkay. All hail the New Queen.