"The initial spark was an elderly woman singing karaoke.."

Words by Courtney Duka Photos by Shannon Gunn


For a band that only recently released their first single, Adelaide’s Electric Exiles have managed to gain quite the following. Between the release of said track, ‘A Dizzy Fashion’, and their upcoming EP, we caught up with John-Paul, Danny and Teon to talk new music and what’s included in their soon-to-be-released film clip.


Priding themselves on their live show, it was great for the band to be gaining positive feedback on their first recorded single “The response has been good so far. People messaging you direct is always a good indicator and a nice feeling” the boys tell as friends and fans alike have been getting in touch. It comes as no surprise, as they rollercoaster you through the track from chaos to driven garage-pop in the most infectious way.




A simple touch of stalking and exchanging of demos lead Electric Exiles to working with Dylan Adams on the single and debut EP, which is due to be out by the years end. You might recognise the name from works by the likes of DMA’s and Sticky Fingers. No biggie. “We worked with him for a month back and forth. It was a really good experience working with him!” despite the interstate distance of Adams and the band.


Working from afar has had to become the norm for Electric Exiles though, with John-Paul now residing in Melbourne “We are making it work. The start was hard but it’s smoothing out. It’s a long distance relationship.” Making it work indeed as they tell a second EP is already in pipeline. "It's a bit more disco. Garage disco-pop. The same elements of what we are doing but there is a disco ball in there some where.”


As to not keep us in EE drought until the EP comes out, a film clip is to be released in the coming weeks. What can we expect? Karaoke inside an Adelaide venue (and down-right institution to our city’s night-life), band cameos and transsexuals. “Basically we don’t like film clips that just film the band performing. A lot of my favourite clips have stories and funny shit. The initial spark was an elderly woman singing karaoke and the band featuring in minor roles, which was a lot of fun to do.”


Although the rest of the band will be joining John-Paul in Melbourne in the coming months, they assure an Adelaide EP launch party is definitely on the cards and had kind words about the local scene “Everyone knows everyone, which can work in your favour. Once you break into the local scene, you’re in.”


As always, we had to be nosey and ask for list of favourite local bands too, which included the likes of Cosmo Thundercat, Lost Woods, Mark Curtis and buds The Cassandras. In terms of venues “We’ve recently fallen in love with the Cranka, and Rocket Bar is always fun. We love Jive too, but Electric Exiles haven’t had a chance to play there yet.” With the rate these guys are going, the iconic Adelaide venue won’t be a far stretch.


Electric Exiles’ single ‘A Dizzy Fashion’ is now available for download here for free. Keep an eye out for the debut EP come end of the year and the film clip in a matter of days.