Proof of Life Festival

Words by Sharmonie Cockayne

This Friday marks the debut of Adelaide’s newest music festival, Proof of Life. But it’s not just any music festival; it’s one with an emphasis on Adelaide music and buskers.


Inspired by the huge success and open access format of the Adelaide Fringe and SALA, Proof of Life will unfold over a full week starting Friday November 6th.



With a plethora of events, stages, forums and gigs on the program, attendees are encouraged to go at it with a choose-your-own-adventure mindset.


The festival has an unashamedly heavy busker-focus this year, and one simple aim: to find new ways to get new music to new people.


Festival director, Joe Hay, tells me that he wants people to take a risk and go see musicians and performers that they would not usually see.

“With the Fringe,” Joe says, “people take risks and go see things they normally wouldn’t normally go see – it’s a party atmosphere and a celebration. We’re planning to build Proof of Life in to something like that.”


It’s no secret to the avid local muso that South Australia’s music scene punches above its weight nationally and internationally, and Joe aims to capitalize on that, especially knowing “the rest of the world is watching.”


But why now? Why, not last year, or next year, or the year after that?


“The music industry is going through a resurgence of live music,” says Joe. “It’s all about the event.”


And where better to look to for live music events than the city streets?


A number of other events will be happening during the week too, and Joe says there will be some heavy cross promotion. With the SA Music Awards, Scumfest, Format Festival and Feast Festival all taking place around the same time, it’s sure to be a pretty hectic week.


We can’t wait.



Some of Adelaide’s favourite buskers will be out and about a little more than they already are. We’re keen to see Jake the Pipe Guy, Oscar the East Timoree Didgeridoo player, and Michael Brigante the busker who might be getting signed because of Reddit.

Adelaide will also see bands like Slick Arnold, Cosmo Thundercat, and The Skeleton Club, as well as artists like Trent Worley and Louis Donnuramma hit the streets.

 You can check out the full schedule of events on the Proof of Life Festival website, or join us at the launch party tonight from 5:30pm at the Exeter Hotel. GO SEE SOME THINGS!!!

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