Little Mind at Big Window - 21.10.16

Friday beckons the second coming of Little Mind, a series of parties at Big Window whose subtle points of difference with regular club events translates to deep and consuming experiences on the dance floor.

Little Mind understands itself as a safe place for your own experimentation, expression and ecstasy. It holds the visual ambiance and the people within its walls to be of equal importance to the music, as all elements must come together for it to be special.

Information available about Little Mind is purposefully limited. Its vision is malleable to the wants and desires of those who attend. Despite this, Little Mind elicits  a level of foresight and curatorship too often lacking in the clubbing scene.

Who is playing this Friday has not and will not be released, though they make a point of always hosting special guests. You are asked to put your trust and faith in the hands of the appointed selectors, who dedicate their lives to finding music which soundtracks the memories of Little Mind. In this vain sets are long and few. This adds to the intimacy of the sonic journey each purveyor intends to take you on.

Clues to who are playing aside, a number of tracks posted to the event are hinting a distinct and vibrant groove, one that will undoubtedly see the dance floor heaving under the in-house D&B sound.

In line with its manifest, Little Mind bathrooms are unisex (because all humans are equal), all camera lenses are covered and the door policy is strict but fair. Such policies are to ensure this is a platform to really get in touch with your Little Mind, whatever that means to you.

The Little Mind creator said that the event represented “the butterflies you get thinking about all the crazy shit you’re gonna do, and all the amazing music you’re gonna hear and the amazing people you’re gonna meet.”

If you want these butterflies, remember capacity is super limited. The only question you should be asking is how late can I stay here?

Not surprisingly there is one answer…

Till close.

 See you Friday.

Facebook event here: L I T T L E M I N D