Review: Jungle City's Album Launch at Jive

Words by Zoe Walker

Snap: Aidan James Marsella-Demczuk

Snap: Aidan James Marsella-Demczuk

Jungle City’s album launch at Jive offered one of the finest selections of local rock bands we’ve seen this year.

First of all, any show that kicks off with Druid Fluids is going to be one for the books. This young psych rock band has been playing an impressive string of shows around Adelaide and they’ve garnered quite a loyal following as a result. Admittedly, there are not a lot of local bands that can fill up the Jive dancefloor at 8:30pm on a Friday. It’s no surprise though; it’s hard not to love these guys. Their live performance is somewhat reminiscent of Tame Impala's early days in the way their music builds up to a psychedelic overflow, at which point you can't help but plummet into an abyss and the next thing you know, the song is over and you’re left high and dry. Their cover of The Beatles ‘I Want You/She’s So Heavy’ is something they have rightfully come to own. A cover of King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard’s ‘River’ certainly doesn’t go astray, either.

Up next we saw local dudes, Rat Ta’Mango deliver some tasty old school blues tunes from their brand new EP. If you’re looking for a soul-finding experience, this three-piece might just be what you need. Hard-hitting songs like ‘Let It Go’ and ‘The Stranger’ really had the crowd enthralled. With clear influences from legendary bands like Cream, The White Stripes and, at times, ZZ Top, Rat Ta’Mango combine the much-loved genres of blues, psych and funk to deliver a show that’s impossible to ignore.  

The Filthy Lucre duo hit the stage with an air of confidence – probably something to do with recently coming home off the back of a successful European tour. Now, we need to talk about Filthy Lucre’s drummer, Ed. This bloke loves to drum. Like, really loves it. His limbs appear to be controlled by a separate entity and the way he manages to smile for the camera mid-chorus is kind of freaky. He’s a talented musician and a born performer for sure. What these guys lack in band members, they make up for with an insane amount of energy. A true local gem.

The stage was well and truly warmed up (on fire, even) by the time Jungle City was due to appear. The JC dudes were decked out in funky flares and it wasn’t long before their long hair was flying about – a style we’ve come to love and expect from the band. They debuted their third studio album, Jungle City 3, in all its rock ‘n’ rolling glory. The album is noticeably darker than their earlier stuff and it’s hard to say but this might be their most polished album yet. With a crowd that was frothing from start to finish, it’s impossible to pick highlights. However, soulful tune ‘Cannibal’ is a personal favourite and injected an appropriately mind-bending rabbit hole into the set. The first single of the album, ‘All I Need’ was another crowd-pleaser.

Overall, we were gifted with a powerful performance from a band that has grown up in the pubs of our modest city. 

You can buy Jungle City's album here.