The Smocks: memes, honesty and rock and roll

Words by Oliver Marshall
Photo by Sam Twidale

The Yewth issue 007 Mag launch is fast approaching and to accompany the ringing in of the new issue will be a huge range of Adelaide music talent.

One of the acts that will grace the stage at the Ed Castle is newcomers The Smocks, a band that plays self-described “garage rock blues, oddball rock.”

The Smocks' drummer Patrick Martin isn't quite sure what that means, but knows its fun to play.

"There’s certainly a true rock element to what we play but oddly enough their seems to be this weird bluegrass-country element that comes through, I’m not sure if other people hear that or its just us,” Patrick says.

“Ultimately we just try and play songs that we enjoy... when we play, we try not to put on much of a face, what you see is what you get. I think the honesty of our sound definitely comes across live.”

The four-piece local band is stoked to be in such great company for the latest Yewth Mag launch.

“We are all extremely excited to be playing the launch. Its obviously a fantastic line-up of bands,” Patrick says.

“Guys like Archers and Battlehounds, have been stalwarts of the Adelaide scene for a number of years now and certainly for us just starting out, those guys have certainly inspired us and shown us the way. To party with those guys is going to be awesome.”

It seems that it’s not just the music that makes this band so likeable.

Their Facebook page has a healthy dose of pretty fire dank memes where Patrick seems to take the full force of a lot of them.

“I knew this was coming... I’m going to give Luc the lead singer of the band the credit for creating these memes. He created one meme many months ago now and from there its just sort of snowballed - its very hard to keep an ego when he keeps tearing you to shreds through the meme machine.”

Whilst they are a "bit of fun" Patrick thinks they represent the band's humour and good times they try and bring with them on stage.

“Hopefully people just enjoy it, it’s a bit of an extension of our humour and our honesty and hopefully that comes across.”

One of the dankest of memes is about Patrick, who works as a journalist in Port Pirie, not having a beer after a gig because he had to make the three hour drive back home.

“I’ve driven down to Adelaide on a few occasions mid-week to play some shows and unfortunately I’ve had to get in the car as soon as we’ve finished our set and drive all the way back. I think I did that one too many times and the meme sprung from there. No drink driving and driving safely is always a big part of the band as you’d be happy to know,” he laughs.

Print is not dead and neither is live music as the plethora of local talent coming through the scene proves.

Patrick thinks that the qualities that make live music and print so enjoyable are pretty similar.

“Print has it challenges, but at the end of the day you cant beat a physical mag just like you cant beat seeing live music at a pub. That sort of real experience will never die.”

The band's first twelve months have seen them thrash through the local live music scene but Patrick confirmed they are looking to record an EP down before the end of the year.

The Smocks live shows consist of all originals after having an unfortunate experience with a cover.

“We had a moment early on in our career where we tried to play a cover of 'Walk Like an Egyptian' and it went so badly that I think we scared the pants off everyone and decided to never play a cover again.”

There’s no covers but there are a few surprises in The Smocks' set.

“You might see a glorious dad bod on the stage somewhere but I don’t want to ruin it for everyone,”  Patrick says.

So for some responsibly-driven, dad bod rock and roll get down to the Ed castle on Saturday the 19th of November for the launch of Yewth Mag issue 007 and to see just how good the Adelaide music scene is.

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