Archers: taking aim once again

Words by Nathan King

After spending a year apart in their respective and well-established bands, the ensemble of punk indie rockers Archers are back for a rather special one-off showcase event. We caught up with guitarist Brian Bolado ahead of their slot at the Yewth Mag issue 007 launch alongside Battlehounds, Hyder Seek, Attila My Honey and The Smocks.

First of all… you guys have not played a show since last December, am I right?

Yeah that’s right the last one was in last December supporting Northeast Party House at Fat Controller, the one before that was with Jesse Davidson and Horror My Friend launch before that. It’s been a long time between drinks but we are quite excited to play.

How come it’s been so long? Is it because you have been busy with West Thebarton Brothel Party and the boys have been busy with their respective bands?

Well it’s a mix of both really. Horror My Friend have been doing really well with being signed to Poison City and touring quite a bit, on top of that our guitarist Simon had been away for about half of 2016 as well. It took a while for planets to align but this show came along and we are good friends with the team at Yewth so we could not pass this opportunity to play a show and help out some mates as well.

So this is your only show for 2016, is this more of a one-off event rather than a full return to the live scene with new music in hand?

Yeah we could have finished a few things and maybe released something in support of this show but with Archers it’s more about playing a style of music we really enjoy and with this event it seemed like a good reason to get back and have some fun on stage. Having not played for a year we didn’t want to jump into the pull quickly with new music, having the one-off show is a good opportunity for us to get back to playing together again.

Would you guys see yourself as a live band? You have quite the loud garage band sound to your music.

Yeah I definitely would say that is so, like many bands we pride ourselves being able to play live and trying to introduce new elements into our set to make it exciting. We are not a particular chatty band, we really just get up there and get it done, but in saying that we are thinking of ways of incorporating that kind of flow in the set and keeping it enticing for people there. Also managing to include newer music into the set with songs that generally get a guernsey, it’s a challenged but it’s a good task to set. Playing live and loud really is a good cathartic release.

Looking at 2017 can we expect some new music from Archers or some more live shows?

Yeah I won’t say no to that, though I probably wouldn't say yes either. I didn’t expect us to play a show this year and alas here we are. Maybe we will play one show again at the end of next year again maybe. We have had our music being well received by people whom have never seen us so it’s good to see where we can go in 2017.

Archers will be playing at Yewth Mag Issue 007 Launch Party on November 19.