Review: Chiara La Woo, STORK, Sin City & Oh Balters at Phonatic

Words by Zoe Walker

Did ya’ll know that there’s a live music venue hidden inside Hindley Street’s Vietnamese restaurant, Phonatic?

It was clear that a lot of people who went to Chiara La Woo’s show on Friday night weren’t quite sure what they were in for. With the absence of pre-sale tickets, it was also clear that the organisers and bands didn’t know what to expect, either. The crowd was fairly packed by 9pm – a sign that things were set to escalate.  

Thanks to The Oh Balters for kicking the show off with their chilled brand of indie rock. Next on stage was the committee behind Sin City, who took us back to the concrete streets with old school beats and spitting rhymes like it was 1999. Dare I say it, they might be the best MC’s to come out of Adelaide since the Hilltop Hoods. They seem to have come back from a hiatus and we would all benefit by hearing more from them.

STORK’s unforgiving punk rock pretty much annihilated half the crowd. But you should never fear the mosh for if you fall, you’ll surely be picked up by some young lass in Levi’s and Birkenstocks.

Barely recovering from STORK’s rowdy set, Chiara La Woo graced the stage and offered some much needed reggae tunes to chill the bruised and sweaty punters up front. The chill was fleeting, however, as apparently the crowd only needed a quick breather before they were ready to pummel one another again. Upon playing their latest single, ‘If You Find The Time’, some bloke thought it was a ripper call to get on a mate’s shoulders and douse himself in beer. Legendary stuff.

There was no doubt that an encore was on the cards and Chiara well and truly delivered. With the help from one of the members of Sin City they performed a Gorillaz medley of ‘Clint Eastwood’ and ‘Feel Good Inc.’ It's safe to say that fans felt as though they got their money’s worth.  

The only unfortunate thing about the night was the lack of bar staff. I mean, who would’ve thought that a bunch of people would want to get shitfaced at a crowded venue on a Friday evening? Go figure, hey.

The success of the night, (kudos to Problem Child for organising) means that we can probably expect many more rowdy nights at Phonatic.