Interview: Bec Stevens of Hyder Seek

Words by Freya Langley

It’s been a huge year for Hyder Seek. Forming only in February, the four-piece have supported the likes of Camp Cope, The Hard Aches, Adeline Pines and Luca Brasi at their sold out show. Hyder Seek's debut single 'Armed with the Past' is a catchy and emotional listen, evoking feelings you probably didn’t know you could feel. We caught up with vocalist and local sadcore darling, Bec Stevens for a lil' chat ahead of the Yewth Issue 007 Launch Party.

So you've had a big year, lots of touring, shows and a debut single release. How's it been? What's the craziest thing you've done/seen? 

Yeah, it’s been sick! Very busy and exhausting, but great. We formed Hyder Seek around February and since then have been flat out. So, it’s been pretty hectic and exciting. I’ve been playing solo gigs since I was 17 and it was beginning to get a bit stagnant so to be doing stuff with a band has made me fall in love with playing again.

I can't really think of one crazy thing we’ve done or seen, I’d probably just say the insane amount of support and positive feedback we’ve had in such a short space of time has been really overwhelming and heartwarming. I feel I’ve been working my fingers to the bone for years with my music and often felt I was just ramming my head into a brick wall, but this year I’ve really felt that finally beginning to pay off!

Tell us a little bit about Hyder Seek and how it all began?

I’ve wanted to start a band for years but have always been riddled with self-doubt and never really thought my songs were good enough. Luckily I have a lot of very supportive people in my life who smack me round the head and motivate me when I need it. But yes, we properly began as a two piece, myself and my house-mate Caleb (HS Guitarist) in our kitchen. Caleb, a man of many talents, was on half a drum kit, with me on guitar and singing into a megaphone that was duct taped to a mic stand… we had big dreams.. Eventually we invested in a microphone. Oh, and a bassist and a different drummer so Caleb could get back to being riff lord.

As an already well established solo musician, what prompted you to start a band?

Well as someone who can't even organise their own life, I thought it would be funny to melt my brain even more by trying to add on organising three grown men as well! (laughs). As I said before, playing solo was just getting a bit old. Don’t get me wrong, I do love it, I find it very empowering to be up there on my own laying everything I have on the table. But, I feel like I’ve always written for a band, and as soon as I found these guys it just came together perfectly. I lucked out pretty hard as well because the boys are all stupidly talented at what they do. 

How do you determine whether a song you've written is for Hyder Seek or for yourself?

Ah, it's hard to say at this stage, the band formed just as I was about to release my first solo EP, so I carried a couple of those songs over to band, so people would know some, and the rest are either new, or ones that never sounded right until I played them with the band. Some songs just don’t work as a band, and others need re-writing to make them work, which I hate because I’m lazy and probably stubborn, but it's helping me to grow out of bad old habits, so I should stop complaining.

What’s on the cards for Hyder Seek in the coming months?

We just plan to smash out the rest of the shows we have this year, knuckle down to writing then start recording in the new year! planning to release our debut record around February/March followed by a tour!

Who is your number one pick to see at the Yewth launch?

Well this show is special to us because we are playing with a whole bill of bands we have never played with before! Which I love because I feel Adelaide gets a bad rap for not having enough bands (not true), so when we got asked to play this and I saw I knew no one on the line up I was like “FUCK YEAH!”. So I hope to get there at doors and watch everyone! Y’all should do the same!

You can catch Hyder Seek at the Yewth 007 Launch Party alongside Battlehounds, Archers, Attila My Honey and The Smocks. Saturday, November 19 from 3pm, Ed Castle Hotel.

Tickets here.