Without Permission: A creation of space and atmosphere

Words by Bridget Fahey Hodder

Photo by Jack Fenby

Photo by Jack Fenby

Without Permission is what happens when a free-lance photographer, a musician and co-runner of Repeater Productions, and an architect with a penchant for carpentry join forces.  Jack Fenby, Ben Golotta and Cameron Wesson have collaborated for the first time to craft an exhibition that asks the viewer to perceive art in a new and interesting way, while still leaving it up to them.” We had a chat with Ben Golotta ahead of the launch of Without Permission in the Old Treasury Tunnels at 2 Flinders Street on November 18 and 19.

Who or what inspired you to do WITHOUT PERMISSION?

It was Jack’s travels through Europe and the photos that came with it that really inspired this whole thing. His candid photos are the main reason we were all brought together, and started thinking about what it is to ‘experience’, and what emotion he wants to bring out in the image.

What made you all want to collaborate? Is it the Captain Planet idea of ‘with your powers combined…’?

Interestingly we are still trying to work out why it has been so easy. It all happened pretty organically. Jack had been wanting to put on this exhibition since his stint in Paris, but was never able to go through with it due to time and money. After coming home, he asked us and it was a simple, ‘yeah sweet, sounds sick’.

It’s a bit of a dream team, we’re able to work around any problem/idea with ease thanks to our multiple skills. We all went to school together as well, so that definitely helped.

Are you working with anyone else for this show?

We have been working with Louie Quilao, he's been doing all the graphic design for us. Done an absolute amazing job.

The location is very interesting, why the Old Treasury Tunnels?

Cam had the idea for the tunnels. It was pretty tough deciding on the space; we were looking at galleries, but it all became a bit static. The tunnels are amazing for the atmosphere that we want to create. Bit of a maze with nooks and crannies for us to add interesting work and ideas.

What is Cam Wesson’s role in the show?

Cam is the wizard that holds everything together, quite literally. He's an architect, designer, builder, guru. His role is designing and building all the furniture, framing, speaker stands, pretty much everything that involves the artwork, he’s built it. His artistic talent is also unbelievable. He uses geometric patterns to create an intriguing aesthetic.

 Have you always been drawn to the Arts?

Absolutely, it has always been a huge part in our development. If we can succeed in being creative professionally, it’s a win-win. There’s nothing better than witnessing something that stemmed from an idea.

What do you guys do when you’re not taking photos or playing music?

In between drinking a lot of Adelaide’s finest beverage’s, West End, and playing Rocket League (a kick ass video game where you play soccer with cars) ... We all work multiple jobs and freelance on the side trying to support what we really want to do.


Without Permission

Friday November 18 and Saturday November 19, from 7.30pm

2 Flinders Street, Adelaide (via the Adina Apartment Hotel)


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