Just A Gent: 'I have been super duper busy'

Words by Henry Sawbridge

Few Australian producers have been busier than Just A Gent this year with two huge Adelaide shows already in the last six months, he is squeezing in a third but plans to demonstrate his incredible production in his first run of live performance shows across the country. Yewth got to chat with the "everyday Gentleman making your not so everyday dance music."

Hey Jacob, It seems you've been ridiculously busy this year mate, returning to Adelaide twice in the last 6 months! Cheers for making yourself available for the last show here in Adelaide, I know replacing Stormzy was always going to be a tough ask two weeks out but you killed it nonetheless. Surely there’ll be a big rest at the end of the year for you?

Yeah I have been super duper busy, non-stop touring and making beats. Which is great because it keeps me from being bored and playing video games. Regarding the Stormzy show, it was definitely a fair bit of pressure but it was an awesome opportunity to spread my music and drop a set at a cool venue so why not? In January I have a bit of down time but we are planning on hitting the states again early next year so who knows I might only have a couple of weeks to myself.

You were pretty young when you got this project started, what brought on the ‘gentlemanly’ vibe so early? Tell us about the whole fancy get up and what inspired the name?

I was super young, around 14. At the time my mates and I used to dress up and go to parties etc, I always really liked top-hats but never owned one because they aren't the cheapest nor easiest to find accessory in the world but once I started the JAG project I went on the hunt and eventually found one.

You've dropped some incredible music over the last few years, with limelight kicking things off for you, did you ever think that it would be as big of a record as it was?

Thank you guys. Honestly I didn't really know what to expect from Limelight, I originally just wanted it out as an instrumental and then when ROZES sent her first vocal take I knew it had to be a single. I wish I knew a little more about mixing etc at the time though because the track really bugs me when I hear it now, so many things wrong with the mix that I should of changed. I guess it happens with everyone but maybe I'll do a new edit one day, who knows.

What are your thoughts on big names like NGHTMRE remixing it and how did that come about? I know he sampled it in 'Street', but did he hit you up about that? Surely there is a bit of pride in yourself for having the tune sampled in arguably one of the biggest trap tunes of 2015 too?

He is a great guy, been talking to him ever since he started the NGHTMRE project and he has always been a big supporter etc. It's insane how far he has gone but I think out of any trap name over in the states at the moment he definitely deserves the 'limelight' haha. He did hit me up about 'Street' and sent me all the edits etc. over the period that he was making the track. The craziest moment was at ultra 2015 when Skrillex dropped it and I was watching live and thinking damn part of my song is in there.

What are you working on at the moment coming off ‘Stories to tell’? It looks like it was a big release for you and congrats on tracks like ‘Heavy As A Heartbreak’ hitting such big numbers. The darker influence that appears in some of your latest tracks, is this a sort of progression you've been working towards?

I'm always just experimenting, some times I'm in the mood to make really dark moody stuff and when I'm not ill make uplifting stuff and my favourites are the ones that end up making it out into the world and its generally a mix of the two. There is definitely some more darker stuff coming out pretty soon though but I'm currently working on the next EP or maybe even album, I'm not sure yet.

You gave one of us a top hat at your first gig here in Adelaide, how many of those did you go through that tour? And what’s tour life like for yourself, do you like to party hard with each show or pick and choose the gigs that you’ll go that bit harder on the rider?

Amazing, that's so cool! I generally go through about 20 a tour but it's totally worth it. My tour life is pretty chill, I definitely pick and choose when I go hard after my set but it's not very often.

Will be good to catch you at Rocket bar on the 24th November, whats your go to meal and drink combo pre-show?

Yew, the classic burger and fries is my go to. For the drink, maybe a scotch and dry, or if I'm feeling sober a lemon, lime and bitters!

Catch Just A Gent this Thursday at Rocket Bar with Kuren and local bass queen TXNK - tix on sale here.