Video Premiere: Larsen 'Burdens'

Words by Casey Lodge

Local band Larsen have dropped their brand new music video for 'Burdens'; and it's a gloomy, angst-filled affair.

The melancholy video evokes feelings of '90s nostalgia for a simpler time before a toxic relationship, featuring a doe-eyed lover.

Screen Shot 2016-11-22 at 6.16.41 pm.png

The alt-grunge boys, who've recently played with the likes of The Bennies, The Hard Aches, and West Thebarton Brothel Party say 'Burdens' was written about "the feeling of being manipulated by someone you have feelings for, only to realise… they're only hanging around for the attention to make themselves feel better".

Director and editor Rory Pippan adds the video is about "being so attached to a concept that you let it eat away at you until there's nothing left".

You can check out Larsen's other songs on their Unearthed page, or at their next gig at Fowlers Live raising funds for Movember.