Review: PAK's Last Ride

Words by Zoe Walker / Photos by Daniel Marks

Wednesday night at Rocket marked the last ever Punk Ass Kids and so our usual Sailor Jerry’s were shamelessly spiked with tears.

If there were ever a perfect time to truly appreciate the live music culture we are so blessed to have here in Adelaide; now is that time. It’s not just about music and it’s not just about writing yourself off in the middle of the week… it’s a culture and that’s something to be cherished. Having said that, let’s vow to always appreciate the music scene of Adelaide.

From October 2013 to December 2016 (over 70 shows under their belt) PAK played an unforgettable role in promoting and supporting our stupidly talented locals.

They also played a decidedly painful role in ensuring our Thursday mornings were brutal af.

In the lead up to the big night, PAK posted a heartfelt message to their fellow kids on Facebook:

“PAK has always existed with the sole purpose to assist in strengthening the live music culture within Adelaide by providing a space where likeminded people can go to revel in the amazing musical talent the locals of this city possess as well as the mountains of talent across the country too. PAK has always guaranteed a constant celebration of rock n roll and all its wonderful sub-genres to its loyal and dedicated fam, so we only hope that it’s brought you as much joy at the shows as it’s brought us to put them together.”

Cheers to that.

With an exclusively local lineup, punters came in droves to witness killer sets by some of our fave rock n rollers, Rat Ta’Mango, Slick Arnold, Jungle City and Wasted Wanderers, each paying tribute to the legacy of Punk Ass Kids with their own style that Adelaide gig-goers have come to love.

It was a huge night to say the least, pulling in what was probably the largest PAK crowd we’ve seen this year for a massive send-off. Vibes couldn’t even be dampened by the thunderstorm that washed out the rooftop.

Also, there was a free photobooth just in case you wanted to get an everlasting memory of those random people you’ve never spoken to in your life and will probably never see again.

Times like these it’s okay to mourn, mourning is healthy, but remember that as one door closes, another opens. We can’t wait to see what the beautiful guys and gals from PAK have planned for 2017.

“Peace, love and rock n roll to all the Punk Ass Kids, music unites us and that’s a beautiful thing.” – Jessi Lou/PAK