NEWS: Help Send Joy & Sparkes to Strawberry Fields

Joy 4 Strawberry Field 4eva.

Okay, so here is the rundown. Just out of Melbourne each year is the boutique music festival, Strawberry Fields. Think three days of bush-doof with all your next favourite electronic artists combined with several other art platforms - creative hearts and open minds.

"The smiles, the sunburn, the sounds, the sky and the clouds. The strangers, the friends, and the foreigners. The driving, the dancing, the laughing, and the falling over in the dark. The campsite envy, the forgetting of socks, the lack of ice and surplus of dirt. These are the things which will define the greatest weekend of your life. Welcome to the wild world of Strawberry Fields. "

Returning this year is the CDR x SF Producers Project, which opens the opportunity for not only 10 lucky artist to become part of a compilation vinyl, but also five lucky winners to join the line-up at this years festival. Stems were released, people made magic. One of those people is Adelaide's own Joy & Sparkes, who has made the top 25 of the comp.

Yes, we hear what you're thinking: Joy + Strawberry Fields = dream team. Wanna help her make the cut? Play, share, comment, heart HERE.