WE LURKED AT: The Preatures @ Fat Controller

Words by Sharmonie Cockayne

On Friday the January 8th, The Preatures played a sold out show at the recently opened music venue, Fat Controller.

Supported by Adelaideans, Electric Exiles and Hunt, the crowd was well and truly peaking by the time the main act stepped out of the green room.


Actually, it was a weird experience seeing a support act play to a packed out venue filled with an engaged and active crowd. Hunt, whose voice is a little reminiscent of Gwen Stefani, had the dance floor pumping to a song she says “no one has heard before”: ‘Destructive’ (part one of her new Empire Series, in which she’ll release a bunch of new songs for free online).


When The Preatures stepped on stage and opened with ‘Somebody’s Talking’, the room went ape.


You know when you’re in a mosh and everyone is so packed in that the whole audience becomes a sea of bodies that just sways like the tide? And you feel like you’re in the ocean? This was how it was, from start to end.


I wouldn’t normally go into such particulars about the damned crowd of all things, but I just found it so strange for such a small venue and gig in our home town.


Isabella Manfredi’s voice was on point, but I feel like she lacked a little grit and oomph at the start. But I also feel like that was because she spent the first few numbers observing the behavior of the audience – the further into the set, the more violent it became.


I was standing next to two ladies who looked to be in their early thirties, and they weren’t impressed by the antics, leaving in the middle of the second song. Not long after, I did too.


Some things I overheard during my short walk from the mosh to the bar:
“This place is too small.”

“This is fucked.”


It was but minutes after I vacated the mosh that Isabella reminded the crowd to remain civil and “please not throw glasses in people’s faces,” as a young girl had been glassed mid song. Isabella was not impressed.


Despite the antics of the audience in the over populated venue, The Preatures played a really solid set, playing much of 2014s Blue Planet Eyes, and hits such as ‘Take a Card’ from 2012 EP Shaking Hands. Isabella’s voice was extraordinary, and the rest of the band was on point too.


Gig highlight though: the super funky dancing happening to ‘Better Than It Ever Could Be’. 10/10 moves.