WORDS WITH: Louis Donnarumma

Words by Courtney Duka

Premiering his new single ‘At The Hive’ last week, we sat down with Louis Donnarumma in the lead up to the single launch this weekend.

Taking a step away from more his more traditional folky ways, Louis tells that the ‘At The Hive’ is a taste of what’s to come from his sophomore EP due late next year. “It’s about bees! Haha.. Nah, it’s not.” He initially jokes. “The idea sparked from when I turned eighteen and started to go out to town, and I didn’t really understand why I wanted to go out. I just had this mentality - which sounds really bad – but, if I didn’t go out and have a good time, meet people and socialise like ‘the norm’ I didn’t feel comfortable. I felt so out of place. I started questioning myself, like ‘why am I doing this’ “


From this idea Louis built a theme in which to portray the EP “We have this sexualised mentality when it comes to going out, if you don’t hook up it’s considered a bad night… That’s the mission”


In comparision to previous tracks by the Louis, there has been quite a change of style, both in writing and recording with more vocal layers and percussion set to come our way.


“I want to create a more aggressive feel.. there’s more groove in this song as well as in the EP. Everything I did before was smooth and relaxing. I didn’t want to do the same thing twice”




Apart from his solo project, Louis has quite the collection of side projects happening in between his music studies at Adelaide Uni. One of which is local three-piece House Of Jade, and after you catch these guys live it will come as no surprise that Louis can absolutely nail the aggressive aspects of his solo work. Recently joining Ollie English’s band, he admits he can connect more with the blues stylistics of his work. “Because I have been playing with Ollie English now, I get his song writing. I can relate to it a lot and it makes me want to try and incorporate some of that”


Other local acts Louis has on high rotation include the likes of Kaurna Cronin, Timberwolf and Paige Renee Court, and a high appreciation of Michael Brigante; a regular Adelaide busker who goes by the name of Attonbitus. “My car is full of probably eighty per cent local music. It’s nice just to keep track of what people are doing and how you can contribute, what you can offer back.”


Although the yet-to-be-titled EP isn’t planned for release until late 2016, Louis has plenty planned for the next year including potential second single release, film clips and heading interstate to gig. “Next year I just really want to tour and do some more shows. Definitely try and head to Melbourne”

Dear Melbourne, you’re welcome.
Love, Adelaide



Louis Donnorumma’s ‘At The Hive’ single launch is this Saturday night at the Wheatshef Hotel, with special guest Ollie English. FOR FREE.