Art: 'Mother, Tongue' Exhibition by Aida Azin & Emmaline Zanelli

Coming to the Adelaide Town Hall this month is one of the most exciting exhibition of local artists in recent years.

Adelaide’s own AIDA AZIN and EMMALINE ZANELLI, friends of  each other and of Yewth, will be showcasing their collaborative exhibition at the Town Hall, Mother, Tongue, opening this Wednesday August 31. Comprised of entirely new work, Azin and Zanelli promise to examine “connections and relationships on both a personal and global scale”, tackling issues ranging from the “intimacy of human touch” to “heritage and homeland”.

Both artists have quickly established their own unique styles; Zanelli uses manipulated images of skin (mainly its imperfections and blemishes) to produce abstract pieces that explore the ideas of privacy, power and sexuality. Azin, on the other hand, opts for a more traditional use of paint, colour and layers of text to explore society, identity, and her own personal and family history. Never before have two local artists with such diverse creative methods joined forces to launch an exhibit like this.

Despite their artistic differences, Azin and Zanelli have come together to present what will surely be one of, if not the­ most memorable SA exhibition this year. Curated by Joanna Kitto in her final Adelaide Town Hall exhibition in her current role, a missed opportunity to witness this exhibition will be a missed opportunity to witness South Australian art history. Running for a strict three-month period, you better convince your grandkids to study art history, because this exhibition will be one for the history books.

‘Mother Tongue’ – Aida Azin & Emmaline Zanelli
Opening Night – Wednesday, 31st of August 5:30, all details on the facebook event
Runs from 31st of August – 25th of November @ Adelaide Town Hall