Help St. Morris Sinners get their upcoming LP on vinyl

Words by Dasha Romanowski
Photos by Morgan Sette

If you’re the kind of person who frequents Adelaide’s dingy pubs on a Friday night nursing a Pale in one hand and a durry in the other, there’s a good chance you’ll have seen St. Morris Sinners playing live. 

Over their five years as a band the four-piece have melded jazz, blues and rock to create a sound totally unique to Adelaide, with the cherry on top being their stage presence — vocalist Stephen ‘Slippery Steve’ Johnson howls and writhes to the sounds of gritty blues guitar riffs, chunky basslines and hypnotic pounding drums, resulting in one of the most captivating and energetic live performances you’ll ever witness.

The Sinners have performed alongside names like King Khan & the BBQ Show (Canada), Tex Perkins and The Ape, Kim Salmon, Spencer P. Jones, Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds (USA) and The Creases (Brisbane), receiving acclaim for their releases so far.

With an EP and album under their belt, the band is set to launch their second album Songs About Insects at Jive on November 19th. Recorded at Wizard Tone Studios late last year, the album sees guest appearances by Jamie Cappatch on tenor sax, Dave Moran on cello and vocalist Bianca Carbone featuring on the closing track, ‘She’s Like Fireflies’.

Unsurprisingly, the album’s overriding theme revolves around insects and the ways in which people, places and situations can be related back to them.

“The simple fact is insects are such interesting and diverse creatures in the animal kingdom,” Johnson tells Yewth

“You always hear and see humanity try to humanise dogs and cats — how come we never try to empathise or understand the ant or weevil?”

The band are hoping to press their record on vinyl before the launch, which is where you, dear Yewth reader, can make a difference. So far all recording costs have come out of the band’s own pocket, but because vinyl pressing is pretty damn expensive the guys have launched a Pozible campaign to raise some coin. 

We understand that you’re probably sadly contemplating cracking open that tin of baked beans in your pantry for dinner after paying rent this week, so if you can’t afford to pledge, let your real-person friends with full-time jobs know or pass on the link to your distant cashed-up aunty. The Sinners will love you for it, and maybe you’ll even introduce said aunty to her new favourite band.

In the meantime, have a suss of the band’s music here and make sure to catch them live soon — they’ll be supporting Brisbane’s The Bear Hunt alongside The Aves on September 16 at The Metro, why not head along?

Help out the St. Morris Sinners fund their vinyl pressing in time for their November 19 album launch by pledging to their Pozible campaign here.