Review: Celestite, Kimonono and Ezra Hope at the Hotel Metro

Words by Oliver Marshall
Photos by Dylan Minchenberg

The Hotel Metro played host to a cracker evening of local local live music last Friday night. Celestite, Kimonono and Ezra Hope were there and showcased what musical talent Adelaide has to offer.

Ezra Hope kicked the night off with their ambient blend of indie-folk. Led by the sultry female voice of Cherie de Klerk, the sometimes upbeat, sometimes dark sounding songs were clearly received well by the healthy crowd in the cool indoor/outdoor setting of the Hotel Metro.

'Run' was the highlight, probably the most upbeat of the songs whilst still remaining ambient and dreamy at times - it was a clear crowd favourite. The use of synth in the set was a great addition which definitely added another element to their whole act. de Klerk's voice was raspy and sweet at the same time and she even broke into rap at one point. The versatility of her and the band again gave something unexpected to their whole persona and made for a really enjoyable show.

After a short break Kimonono came on with plenty of banter for the night ahead. They started off by talking about their love for Pringles, but their disappointment in their current standards and advised the crowd to stay away from the new ones. Once they were finished with some spot on advice they kicked off their incredible set. They were brave enough to take on a cover of Drakes 'Hotline Bling,' which was nothing short of brilliant.

During the set the pair remarked that maybe they should change their name to KimonoYes and judging from their set I reckon that’s a great idea. Fagan’s stage presence was engaging and her voice exceptional. 'Over Again' was their most impressive original and you just got the feeling listening to it that they are set for big things.


Celestite finished off the night with what was their first ever headline gig. The upbeat indie pop combined with dark brooding tones to create a really unique sound. Jasmine Armfield’s vocals were intriguing and bluesy; it may have been the bands first headline gig but they didn’t look uncomfortable at all. The crowd had pushed right to the front and were clearly enjoying what they were hearing. Their ability to combine upbeat bouncy tracks with whisping slow jams showcased their clear musical ability. They might be new kids on the block in the Adelaide music scene, but you can expect to be hearing a lot more of them over the next few months.