Young Muscle present ‘Fun Rays #1: Vineside’

Words by Ben Robinson

Prepare for your upcoming summer antics to be dominated by Adelaide’s own professional party-throwers Young Muscle, because they’ve just announced their new project ‘Fun Rays’, and this will certainly be one to add to the calendar.

‘Fun Rays’ will be a series of outdoor sunshine soaked parties taking place right in the treasures found in Adelaide’s back pocket, the first of which will be held in none other than world famous wine region of McLaren Vale, wonderfully titled ‘Vineside’.

‘Fun Rays’ will focus on three main factors: a love of friends, a love of the outdoors, and a love of music. Their plan is to take the night-prowling dancers of the city streets and place them back in the glow (or rays) of South Australian summers. Literally, they will be offering bus rides to-and-from the CBD, making this summer time treat available to all, leaving repeat-offending town-goers with no excuse.

The first ‘Fun Rays’ mini festival kicks off this Sunday the 2nd of October at one of McLaren Vale’s quirkiest wineries, Alpha Box & Dice. Alas, do not let the time of week deter you – the inaugural ‘Fun Rays’ takes place on the upcoming long weekend, so there’ll be no need to rehearse your morning sick call.

The tickets for this irresistible fun fair are $20 on their own, and only $40 with a return bus trip.

If you’re worried about finding the perfect balance between the nightclubs and Adelaide’s backyard, Young Muscle’s ‘Fun Rays’ will sure be the gig series for you. The last thing you want is to go out on the town, only to have your Instagram feed flooded with photos from the party where you should have been.

More info and tickets here.