EP Premiere: The New Yorks - Heads of Tails

Words by Tom Gaffney
Photos by Neasan McGuinness

You may know The New Yorks through their jangly, garage-fused indie rock, as their previous name of Kindergarten Kings, or as the four-piece who managed to score a gig at Rocket Bar when their oldest band member was fifteen. The Adelaide indie rockers have been keeping busy, recently releasing the colourful clip for ‘I Hope He knows’ and their debut EP Heads of Tails. YEWTH are stoked to share the first taste of the EP here:

The boys sat down at the wonderful Whistle & Flute café to chat about the past, present, and future of the band.

“We managed to score a slot at the Adelaide Beer Festival – and there’s no way we’d have said no to free beer,” says guitarist Marcus. “Our time slot was before Cosmo Thundercat, who were our high school teachers. Last year, when we were in high school, we’d sheepishly ask them if they’d play shows with us, but they were always a little bit unsure about playing with their students. Now that we’re all adults and we’ve been playing around a lot more, we bump into those guys a ton, and we feel like we’re all in the same playing field now”.

The guys have been working hard, releasing a film clip for their next single ‘I Hope He Knows’, with Marcus describing the clip as “great fun, and really visually pleasing”. “Vinnie’s got a farm up north, so we had a huge paint fight up there and filmed it for the music video. There wasn’t a huge conceptual framework behind the clip – nothing more than a ‘shoot and have fun’ style anyway”.

Even though The New Yorks have only been a band for just over a year, their past lives as Kindergarten Kings was as full of action as you’d expect. “I remember our Rocket Bar show was well before we’d even seen the inside of a bar – though by that time I’m sure Marcus had already seen the inside of the Woolshed,” says frontman Vinnie. “The bouncers were really sketchy about us being inside. Looking back at the pictures, it’s pretty easy to see why – we looked liked children”.

“We also managed to sneak onto Adelaide Uni open day back when we were still in high school to support Chet Faker. We were able to hang out with him backstage, and he was such a chilled out, approachable guy. His music’s incredible too in the way that it has that Radiohead-esque complexity which ties in so well with his against-the-grain style of thinking with his music. He’s such a legend”

“We’re pretty big on The Strokes – it was incredible to see them at Splendour this year. Even though we were literally 3 years old when their debut album came out, and in fourth grade when they came to Australia the time before their Splendour show, we grew up with that sort of music – alongside incredible acts such as The Kooks and The Vaccines. Even though that guitar-heavy indie sound isn’t around too much anymore in popular music, it’s still the kind of music we love, and we hope that there’s a want for it around the place”.

“We also had the luck of being chosen to support San Cisco for Fat Controller’s opening night last November. That was a ton of fun to support an incredibly talented band – they were really nice guys, too,” Vinnie explains.

“Oh, oh – I know this one,” announces drummer Jared as a response to Tom’s curveball question of what they’d request as a rider if they’d ever play an arena show. “I’d want something ridiculous, like 800 brown M&Ms in a huge wine glass, or something like a life sized cardboard cut-out of all of us. Maybe we’d have the power of Mariah Carey and request that no one look at us for three hours before the show”.

Catch The New Yorks EP launch October 2nd at the Ed Castle alongside Donnarumma and Lost Woods.