Skegss - “It's been pretty skitso, it's definitely been the biggest tour so far"

Words by Oliver Marshall

Skegss are a band that are having the time of their life. The three-piece from Foster/Byron Bay who are under the umbrella of Dune Rats label, Ratbag Records, are in the middle of a massive sold out national headline tour for their new EP, Everyone is Good at Something.

The band is also set to play at the jam packed Yours and Owls festival featuring the likes of Big Scary and Hockey Dad. Lead singer Ben Reed is looking forward to that one. “Yeah hell keen to go play with our buddies Hockey Dad, that will be a bit of a laugh”.

The boys will also lend their services to the U/18 Yours and Owls show as well... At the moment Benny is just enjoying the ride of their national headline tour.

“It's been pretty skitso, it's definitely been the biggest tour so far and the funnest... heaps more people than ever before, we’ve been getting hell loose.”

Skegss energetic shows are gaining attention, but upon telling Benny this, he wasn’t to sure if that was right. “We’re always like fuck we’re shit, after the show...” But, they conceded that they have a great time and that must translate to the audience. “A show for us is usually get drunk and play and that’s what everyone else is at the show, it's good just to get on everyone’s level and that’s maybe why... it's just fun”.

Skegss getting amongst the crowd at Rocket last month. Photo by Daniel Marks.

Skegss getting amongst the crowd at Rocket last month. Photo by Daniel Marks.

If you are lucky enough to be heading to one of their live shows expect new and old tunes and a pumped atmosphere. “Its sick everyone’s been singing them (the songs) the whole set which is the craziest thing ever.”

Their brand of surf-rock is fast making a name for themselves although Benny is not too sure if they are a ‘surf band'. “We just call it rock ‘n’ roll music, if I didn’t surf I’d still play the same music; we’re not really a surfy band but everyone likes to say that, probably because we've got blonde hair or something”.

Surf band or not, at the infancy of Skegss, world-renowned freestyle surfer Noa Deane was in the band. “He (Noa) was in at the start just when we were trying to get free beer so we didn’t have to pay for beer on the weekend, then people started giving a fuck about the music and backing it... Noa wasn’t even at half the shows anyway because he’s got a pretty busy schedule with his surfing career”.

The tunes are mostly upbeat tracks that tackle having a good time and taking what life throws at you. Even older track, ‘Heart Attack' - a song about a girl who ‘sucked the blood out of Benny', can’t help but make you crack a smile.

“I reckon what I experienced is the same as everybody else, some people trip out (about stuff like this) I tripped out myself but you are always going to be sweet.”

“So to maybe translate that to somebody who is tripping can be like, ‘oh yeah I’ve been in that situation', so it’s a real experience.”

The lads have also figured out the finer points of making a worldwide hit thus resulting in ‘New York California’ off the new EP. “Toby (bassist) had the formula of every best song, all the hell catchy songs all have those lyrics in it New York, California Coca Cola or cigarettes, so Toby’s like 'put it all in one song say it twenty times, you got a hit.'"

This newfound formula also has benefits for their gigs. “It’s the only one we don’t fuck up when we play live.”

Their last show at The Northern in Byron Bay is the only show not to be sold out so grab ‘em while you still can, it’s sure to be a ripping show. And keep an eye out because there might be a new project for the loveable lads coming soon.

“We’ve written heaps of songs, so there might be something in the pipeline, sooner rather than later."

You can catch Skegss at Yours & Owls Festival in Wollongong on October 2nd - tickets on sale here.