EP Premiere: The Bitter Darlings - Stuart Highway

Adelaide five-piece The Bitter Darlings find inspiration from this sun-burnt country we call home... If you haven't experienced the Outback yet, the country rockers are here to take you there through their debut EP release, Stuart Highway.

Photo by  Lauren Connelly
Artwork by  Henry Stentiford

Artwork by Henry Stentiford

The EP encapsulates the Aussie working class attitude and lifestyle - a collection of songs 'capturing the feelings of vast landscapes, long road's to the relentless feelings of pain, love and loss'.

Frontman Marcello Cole is a natural story teller; the drone and groan of his voice is balanced with Alana Jagts sweet backing vocals for a beautiful pairing on the recording.

Tracks like ‘Whiskey River’ and ‘Maitland’ are gentle and have a sense of familiarity, especially to those who’ve lived away from the conveniences of the city – “it hasn’t rained here for 6 long months it seems…” While 'Stuart Highway' has the fastest pace of the four tracks, really giving you the sense that you're clocking 100 kms on the highway with the window rolled down... and we recommend this is the best way to listen to the EP. 

If you dig The Bitter Darlings debut release you can catch 'em live with Alana Jagt & St Morris Sinners at the launch of Stuart Highway, on Saturday 28th of January at the Grace Emily Hotel - entry is FREE.