Welcome to Wollongong's Live At 55

Words by Caleb Sweeting
Photos by Jye Talbot

Last year the Yewth crew covered Yours & Owls festival over in Wollongong, and during our weekend away we stayed at a house simply referred to by the locals as, "55".

The joint is home to a bunch of love-able larrikins who always have the door open if you need somewhere to rest your head. After having so many bands staying at their house, the lads had the idea to film monthly live sessions in their lounge-room.

Director and videographer, Jye Talbot tells us more about how it came together:

"Sweeney, Jacob and myself sort of spoke about having gigs at 55 because we tend to have a whole heap of awesome amazing artists stay over on a weekly basis... The fact that bands are over so often sort of creates the opportunity to do it, rather than hassling people and trying to organise to do live recordings. It makes the whole experience organic".

With experience in sound, working in music venues, managing bands and covering festivals between them, the crew behind Live At 55 are sure to produce some live sessions to look out for in 2017.

Check out their first session featuring Brissie three-piece, Good Boy and stay tuned for more Live At 55 goodness by subscribing here.

Audio engineered by Anthony Sweeney
Directed and filmed by Jye Talbot
Edited by Jacob D’Esposito