Invasion Day Alleyway Show


It's nice to think that we're blessed with a public holiday to sink beers, listen to triple j’s Hottest 100 and yell about how great it is that we're all here in Australia having a great time. However, the reality is that January 26 this year marks 229 years of dispossession, abuse, oppression, genocidal policy and ongoing suffering of Aboriginal Australians at the hands of white colonists. We could literally pick any other day of the year to sink tinnies, punch darts and celebrate how bloody good some of us have it here in Australia, but January 26 should not be that day. How about May 8? M8. The issue, according to Ngarrindjeri musician Trials of A.B. Original, is not celebrating Australia Day, but the date it currently falls on.

There's no pride in genocide, but there's certainly pride to be taken in Adelaide locals jumping at the opportunity to make use of the day off work and put on a unique musical event to raise funds and awareness for The Warriors of Aboriginal Resistance (WAR). Invasion Day Alleyway is taking place under a bridge in Mile End, featuring music from Darknife, Godhuli and Indigenous Punk outfit Ballajan, on the evening of January 26. It's a free show, but donations to WAR are strongly encouraged. WAR are a collective of young indigenous people committed to decolonisation and Aboriginal nationalism, and assisting their own communities to learn their languages and traditions.

So, take off that Australian flag cape, put down the lamingtons, and get on down to Mile End to support the Warriors of Aboriginal Resistance, and for a new era where Aboriginal Australians are given full recognition, respect and equal rights as sovereign custodians of their land. It all kicks off at 8.30pm, leaving plenty of time to get there from WAR’s Invasion Day Resistance Rally in Elder Park.

Local audio/visual duo DARKNIFE

Local audio/visual duo DARKNIFE





Donations strongly encouraged, with all proceeds going directly to WAR.


8.30pm, near the corner of Sir Donald Bradman Drive and Railway Terrace, Mile End. Under the bridge, near Bunnings and Priceline Netball Stadium.