Video Premiere: The Pinheads - 'Fight or Flight'

Wollongong locals, The Pinheads caught our attention back in 2015 with the release of their debut EP, I Wanna Be A Girl. Their latest creation is like a cooked wet dream. It’s weird as fuck, but you’re probably going love every minute of it.

‘Fight or Flight’ is a fist in the air punk sing along, mashed in with a bit of 60s groove for good measure. One listen and you’ll see why this tune is set to become a festival favourite, especially as the band finds themselves on more national lineups.

The track is about “being constantly fed with lies from our evil lizard overlords in parliament until the point your brain becomes completely fried... It's about trying to process it all without losing your mind.”

The Pinnies also describe the clip as a "quaint ode to aeroplanes, with a subplot primarily concerned with the main characters attempting to murder a harmless vampire."

Will vampy survive? Do vampires have equal rights to humans? What is The Pinheads favourite model of aeroplane? There’s only one way to find out…