Fringe Review: Lewis Garnham - 'The World I Live In' at Rhino Room

Words by Caleb Sweeting

As I lock up my bike in front of the big purple building on Frome road, the sweat is dripping off me from the commute, and I’m running late for the gig. SA comedian and 2016 Raw Comedy National Finalist, Lewis Garnham is about to commence his show at Rhino Room. I have just enough time to sneak in a Pale Ale and awkwardly take a seat in the front row.

On cue Garnham hits the stage clenching a Coopers and sporting tight black jeans and what appears to be a Tommy Hilfiger savers shirt – just don’t mistake him for a Melbourne hipster!

He describes his recent stay in Victoria and compares Melbourne as a “good city” and Adelaide as “a good place”… The bad thing about Melbourne though, is good cities attract fuckwits. He expresses his anger towards Melbournians who describe ‘good things’ as “that’s so Melbourne.” E.g. Garnham shares a ‘Melbourne moment’ where a local described his beard as “soo Melbourne”… “Actually, I grew this beard in Adelaide,” he says.

Garnham garnered plenty of laughs throughout the 40-minute show, sharing anecdotes about his time at uni and situations like holding awkward conversations with other dog owners at the puppy park. Plus, a story about a reptile man and his beloved snake (trust me this bit is a good laugh) – but the overarching message was about breaking up with his girlfriend and learning how to deal with this.

He turned to music, but soon realised this was a bad idea as most songs in the music industry are about love. To put it into context, he made the valid point that the music industry is full of songs about love, like the internet is full of videos that are porn.

It took him til the end of the show to pull some jokes about Donald Trump – while he was actually taking the piss out of other comedians basing their shows on American politics, it didn’t quite hit the mark. However, the rest of the material in the show compensated for this. What South Australian’s will like about Garnham is he kinda takes the mickey out of himself, whenever there wasn’t a laugh at the end of his many long-winded jokes he’d say “ah well, that never gets a laugh – but I’m keeping it in there anyway.”

Garnham is like the witty/funny bloke in every uni class – he looks for opportunities to make a joke and he executes it well, without trying too hard. If this kind of humour is your cup of tea, go check this bloke out, now.

Tix and info to Lewis Garnham's 'The World I Live In Show' available here.