Review: B-Movie Bash With Macabra! at The Adelaide Fringe

Words by Morgan Sette

It’s late, your date has bailed, it’s the Adelaide Fringe Season and you’re keen to laugh unapologetically at someone else’s expense.

B-Movie Bash with Macabra is a unique comedy/film show that literally just plays a terrible film with the host, joined by two other comedians offering commentary throughout. Think My Dad Wrote A Porno but a b-grade horror film, and live. 

I saw this show the second night of it’s Fringe season, the film was “Voodoo Man”, a 1944 American horror film directed by William Beaudine and starring Bela Lugosi - famously known as playing Count Dracula in 1931. Not quite reaching the same heights with Voodoo Man, the poorly written, poorly shot film was horribly awkward- which perfectly suited the Fringe artists along for the night Sarina Del Fuego (Burlesque Idol) and Andrew Silverwood (is a self absorbed tw*t). 

‘Macabra’ starts with a clever monologue full of alliterations, cheesy puns and comedic backstory directly to the audience, then introduces her guest panelists of the night - one of which was avidly drinking from a flask. We all cheers together before kicking off the film. Each bad, awkward, questionable and undeniably sexist moment from the 1944 film was eagerly commented on by one of the panelists, giving plenty of material for play on words, a joke or simply a laugh together with the audience. 

Voodoo Man had it’s hilariously bad moments that fed the panelists their commentary - from continuity failures to senseless dialogue, and apart from the host Macabra having key points that she honed in on, I loved the improv nature of the show. The whole room was relaxed and genuinely enjoying the film and commentary, like you would watching Point Break and having beers with you mates. It was comfortable to ridicule and join in laughter at whatever you were seeing on the screen - and what the panelists added in.

With different comedians joining each show and the film changing every three nights, it’s definitely a show you can return to for something different each time. 

See B-Movie Bash With Macabra!  at The Adelaide Fringe 2017 from 24th Feb - 12th March, Warehouse at The Producers