Review: The Gooch Palms at Rocket Bar

You know a gig is great when you spend the next day listening to all the bands on repeat just to relive it. The Gooch Palms show was just that, a bunch of hellraisers and heartbreakers playing all out and I have been dancing to all their songs since.

Larsen kicked off the bill playing songs from their debut EP, Another Realm Another Day, with a slow building energy. The small, but keen, crowd were familiar with the Adelaide band and stoked to here some new music on top of their regular setlist. If you were a no-show or latecomer, get out to a local show and see them soon.

Dumb Punts were second on support and smooth as ever. Hailing from Melbourne, Jimmy, Brent, and Seattle lifted Rocket Bar into everyone’s local rock pub, complete with footy talk and mullets. Getting quickly to their song ‘Goon Sack’ from their Coupla Couplas EP, the crowd were more than a little ready after chanting for the song to be played. The audience began to jump from the stage only to be thrown almost instantly back to the ground with their legs in the air.

Labelled ‘shed rock’, Dumb Punts straddle between guttural screaming and the kind of lo-fi heartfelt tunes I listen to on a road trips across the country. They bring out the softer side to the genre and I am always impressed by a band that switches around instruments and singers.

As The Gooch Palms were about to take the stage, the audience were already having a sing-a-long together. If you have never seen Gooch Palms they are a damn sight to behold. First touring here with Violent Soho at Jive and again last year at the Thebarton Theatre, Leroy Macqueen and Kat Friend own the stage. The two punks introduced their set with the kind of theatrical singing I expect from a horror musical and followed it with the kind in the credits of a happy teen movie.

Going to see a Goochies gig means dancing with everything you have and as Kat called out to the audience, “This song is called 'You' and it is for all of you” I watched from the back as several couples kissed and friends linked arms to sway. The entire gig was what I have always imagined a monster bash would be like Kat hitting the drums in shiny silver platform boots and Leroy leaning in to effortlessly crush the beginning of ‘Can You Feel The Love Tonight.’ Before launching into their first single off the Introverted Extroverted album, ‘Tiny Insight’. By the time they played one of my favourites ‘Don’t Look Me Up’, my knees were shaking from bouncing around.

Any show where there is an equal chance of punching West End tinnies as there is of holding hands is always well worth my time. If you are someone as ready to dance heart and soul to Violent Soho as you are the Vengaboys, then you should have been there or better be next time.

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