Q&A: Mosquito Coast and The Winter Gypsy

Before indie duo Mosquito Coast hit Adelaide this weekend touring their debut EP, frontman of local support act The Winter Gypsy, Tushar Singh, threw a few questions their way.

Conor and Naomi, Mosquito Coast. Photo by George Foster.

Conor and Naomi, Mosquito Coast. Photo by George Foster.

Tush: Hey Conor and Naomi! IT'S YOUR BOY TUSH!!! Before we get started I would just like to say, your new single kicks ass. Okay now, let's continue.

How does it feel to have released your new single and EP?

Conor: Hiii Tush! It feels so good! This EP is our favourite work so far and we’re so glad that people can finally hear it.

Tell us about the single. What is it about and who/what inspired it?

Naomi: The single ‘Television Love’ we wrote when I was listening to a lot of Hall & Oates. They have these really great cheesy melodies and hooks. I wanted to focus on the melody more in the new single and fit the instruments around that.

Where does the title for this new EP come from?

C: The EP is called Television Love, because that was the name of the second single we released with it. The single was pretty much inspired by binge watching TV series, but really it’s just a small part in a big overarching theme of escapism.

What's your favourite song on the EP, and why?

N: My favourite track on the EP is Reprise. It's my favourite to play live too, but for some reason in recording it really managed to fill out more and we changed the arrangement of it to include harmonies. We have four people singing the chords and I’m playing on guitar over the track. I really love it, it makes me feel really relaxed and at peace whenever I listen to it for some reason, even after lots of listening it still gets me.

Tell us about the EP. How long was it in the making?

C: We recorded the EP in Sydney in July last year and released it in December. It took us a week in the studio to put together, and then we took a lot of time making sure the mixes were perfect. The fact that I went to Europe for three months also didn’t speed up the process.

What band did you have the most fun with while on the last tour? and why? It's cool I'll answer that for you...
The Winter Gypsy. Why not.

C: Other than Stonefox who were our main support for the whole last tour, The Winter Gypsy were honestly the best! Adelaide was our first show and Tush and the band made us feel so welcome, so keen to come back.

Tushar and Max, founding members of The Winter Gypsy. Photo by Charles Phillpot.

Tushar and Max, founding members of The Winter Gypsy. Photo by Charles Phillpot.

What are your plans for this year, after this tour? Will you tour again later in the year? Will you take us with you? (Only if you want to have the best time everrrr)

C: We’ve got gigs lined up until the end of March, but after that it’s all up in the air. We might write, we might tour again, who knows ;)

You're set to perform your new stuff live. What can fans expect of your live shows?

N: More dancing! But also we've got a mixture of new and old songs in there now. The overall vibe is very similar… warm and lush. But we also have a new cover by Talking Heads.

If we come to Perth, will you play a show with us?

C: Of course! Party times ahead 8-)

When will Rachel manage us as well?

N: If you can uncover the mysterious past of Rachel, for example her secret DJ name along with a couple of embarrassing club photos, she will be your manager and best friend for life.

How long has Nathan been growing his mane for?

C: Too long! I think three years? He recently shaved it off though! It has quickly returned though.

What's the best advice you can give to up and coming musicians?

C: Get out and play gigs even if you think you’re awful. Be nice to sound guys. Get advice from other people in the scene.

 N: To trust what you’re doing and go with your gut. Also immerse yourself with like-minded people and ditch negativity. Also gig ya butt off!

Photo by George Foster.

Photo by George Foster.

And a little about you guys – what are your hobbies?

C: Making coffee, cooking, record collecting.

N: I like films! Watching them and making them is fun. Also I would like to start a bleach fried memes page.

Thanks guys! The Gypsies and I are so keen to hang out again. Thanks to all of you and Rachel for chucking us on the lineup again!

Love you dudes, and safe travels on the tour.
See you soon.
Tush x


Catch Mosquito Coast with supports Mezko and The Winter Gypsy at the Ed Castle this Saturday, Feb 11.

More details here.