Video Premiere: PNK FME - 'Fell For It (ft. Zephyr)'

Words by Tom Gaffney
Photos by Emily Dawe

We had a chat with Lachlan Turnock, AKA local electronic artist PNK FME, in conjunction with the release of his latest single 'Fell For It (ft. Zephyr)' and his music video created by Dale Brumfield.

“I remember sitting outside after my shift as a panel beater after I quit school, and I just kept thinking to myself, ‘I don’t want to keep living like I want to die anymore’, so I tried to find something that I loved that would change my life. I made music that thing, and I’ve never looked back.”

PNK FME (Pink Fame) is your typical post-Flume electronic music producer. He started off in his bedroom, released a shit-tonne of material on his Soundcloud, and spent hours a day trying to catch-up to his musician peers. There’s something else, though – something special about him that encapsulates you, and, from what he said in our interview today, it sounds like he’s not stopping anytime soon.

“I guess no one really ‘got me’ when I was younger. Still feels the same way, I guess, because I’m the only person who’s wholeheartedly been behind me in this journey of music. I said before, like, I was so fucking miserable as a panel beater before I touched music, and there was only me who could change things, and I know this sounds cliché, or whatever, but I’ve literally given up anything else just so I can put every single bit of energy into my music. I just hope it shows to those who listen.”

If you check out PNK FME’s back catalogue, there’s no doubt been a huge spike in quality of his music throughout 2016 and 2017.

“I remember back when I first started, all I really had to do was sit down and make music – nothing else. It felt so tranquil, like, I was making this music for me, and I didn’t care how it sounded to anyone else. Things have changed now, how it’s like I feel like I have to have two sets of ears – one for me, and one for them. The best part about that, though, is when I release something like ‘Fell For It’ with Zephyr, and it’s true to me and truly listenable to everyone else, that’s the point where I really can’t stop hitting myself and convincing myself that where I’m at now isn’t a dream.”

Fell For It (ft. Zephyr)’ is PNK FME’s latest single, where he writes about people getting stuck in problematic loops they can’t get out of.

“I was talking to my Mum one day, and she was just pouring out to me all of these mistakes she’d made, and she was saying how she could never feel like she’d ever stop thinking about them. It sounded like there was this loop where, whenever she felt like everything was alright, there was some inescapable past memory that just couldn’t be put away. It’s like that sound – the do-dom, do-dom, do-dom, when the record’s finished but it just keeps spinning, only you just can’t make it stop.”

You can check out PNK FME’s latest single on Soundcloud, Bandcamp and YouTube, and his Facebook page here. Make sure to check out the dates for any of his future shows, too – the kid’s an absolute beast on stage.


Buy 'Fell For It (ft. Zephyr)' by PNK FME here.

Video by Dale Brumfield
Featured artist Zephyr (Rangi Mclennan)
Produced and written By PNK FME (Lachlan Turnock)
Mixed and mastered by Alex Mader