Fringe Review: Yianni Agisilaou's 'The Unpinchable Pink Pen'

Words by Tom Gaffney


Yianni Agisilaou’s been a busy boy this Adelaide Fringe with his Simpsons-based comedy show ‘The Simpsons Taught Me Everything I Know’, as well as hosting ‘Comedians Against Humanity’ – a fully improvised performance fueled by Cards Against Humanity material. For any other comedian, two gigs would’ve been enough, but Yianni’s passion for performance drove him to formulate another show, based this time on the nonsense of gender roles in modern day society.

‘The Unpinchable Pink Pen’ allows Yianni to take a step back from the world, and be a critic to commonplace trends in society. Women and children first? Nah, not fair. Attractive bartenders essentially paid to take compliments from horny men? No-one wins. Men can’t even proudly eat their own cum, but then (literally) force it down other’s throats? Double standard!

The art in the performance is Yianni’s ability to stand without bias toward each gender, rather opting for the more ‘this is all getting a little fucking ridiculous’ style of observation. Yianni’s approach means that not one gender is getting more of a flogging than the others, and in true Yianni glory, he manages to make it incredibly relatable (both to himself, and to everyone in the crowd). It’s packed full of well-thought out, beautifully curated humour that picks on no-one and everyone at the same time, and at the very least, if you won’t be laughing, you’ll be learning (though there’s no doubt you’ll end up doing both).

Simply put, wherever you are on the gender spectrum, you have to go see this show. With the level of cohesion between jokes and immersive stories, and the simple but thought-provoking executions, this show gets an easy rating of five out of five Dora The Explorer cough drops (y’know — only the ones girls can have).

You can grab tickets to The Unpinchable Pink Pen here (quickly! There are only a couple of shows left!), and his Facebook page here.