Q&A: Breakout Comedy with Becky Lucas

She may describe herself as a ‘vicious rat’ but comedian Becky Lucas is easy going and more apologetic “than a restaurant that only serves Pepsi”. We caught up for a chat with her about her upcoming Fringe show ‘Breakout Comedy’ and what it’s been like working with the likes of Matt Okine.

You’re going to be performing with Sam Campbell and Aaron Chen at the Adelaide Fringe, how did you come together?

We’ve been friends for a long time. Sam and I knew each other in Brisbane and then we met little Aaron Chen. He’s become very cool lately. When we first met him, he was 17 and really shy and now he’s at uni and he’s come out of his shell. We (Sam and I) feel like his parents. I do straight stand up and they both do pretty wacky stuff so it’ll be a good mix. They’re two of my favourite comics in Australia to work with.

You’ve written for Please Like Me and you’re currently working with Matt Okine on The Other Guy, does your approach to writing for TV as opposed to stand up differ?

Yeah it’s quite different. I think stuff on stage has to be quite immediate, you have to get to the joke as quickly as you can whereas I think for TV, you can explore an idea for a bit longer.

Do you have a preference?

I wanted to get into stand up because I wanted to be a TV writer but I think prefer stand up now. Whatever you want to say, you can say and there’s no one telling you not to. You’ve just got full control. While working on TV shows, everything has to be cleared by the producers and then the network and other people working on the show - there’s a lack of control there.

What’s it been like collaborating with people like Matt Okine?

It’s been really good. It’s challenging sometimes, but in general it’s awesome. You just come up with more things. Even just hanging out with Matt and collaborating on this show has given me more ideas for my own stand up because you just talk stuff out.

How did you develop your writing skills? Was there any particular influences on your style?

I’ve always liked my great auntie, she’s a really funny story teller and she’ll always cracked me up so much. I’ve always found my aunties to be my biggest comedic influence. I also get to perform with some of the funniest people ever so I’m always learning more and more about how to be funnier.

You’re quite active on twitter, have you had much hate?

I rarely get people tweeting mean things at me because I’ve got quite a brutal Twitter presence; they just know I’m going to pay them out quite well. I did a documentary about domestic violence late last year and I had a few gross guys on twitter troll me. They wrote a couple of things like “what about violence against men” and they’re so easy to shut down. In general, I think they can sense when you’ve made a good point. I don’t like to torment them, but I’m quite matter of fact.

You’ve described yourself as a "vicious rat", where does that come from?

Two of my friends always say that I’m like a little rat because I do little weird movements when I touch my face, like a little creature. I used to have rats and stuff when I was younger so I’ve always very much identified with the rodent species.

You were recently in a YouTube short called 'We Punched a Nazi', how did you get involved in that?

That was my friend’s idea. We were talking about people online having this bravado, this online presence of being like “Yeah man I’d punch a Nazi” but it’s like "No you wouldn’t, you’re lactose intolerant, you’re really weak". It’s not just about paying them out though, we wanted to create comedy within a realm where no one’s right.

What can we expect from your show?

A lot of laughter. People who are into comedy and like to see different stuff will really like it. We’re three very different comics and I think we’re going to bring the best material we have. Don’t come if you get shocked easily because I reckon there will be some shocking stuff.   

Catch Becky Lucas alongside Sam Campbell and Aaron Chen at Breakout Comedy at Fowler's Live on Saturday March 11th and Sunday March 12th @5:45 pm. Tickets via FringeTix