Secret Garden Festival 2017 – Brownlow Hill Farm

Words & photos by Jye Talbot

Secret Garden? Apparently it’s not so secret anymore according to the sold out event of 5000 fancy dressed punters who pledged 48 hours of high-spirited energy to groove among the picturesque Macarthur region landscape. Since 2009 when the idea of Secret Garden was first derived by organisers, the event has rapidly increased in popularity, being named one of Australia’s most loved boutique events by triple j. There is definitely no better way to spend a weekend then partying in a dense forest that has been compacted with aesthetically pleasing decorations and a killer line up of musicians.

Although Secret Garden Festival had a vast line-up of exceptional artists such as Bec Sandridge, Alex Lahey, The Jezabels, Urth Boy, Japanese Wallpaper, Gretta Ray along with many more, it was clear that the music was not necassarily the main selling point of Secret Garden. Over the two-day event punters participated by dressing up accordingly to the days theme, which was on day one ‘royals’ and day two ‘anything goes’. Secret garden Festival also had a variety of installations to relax and party in, such as ‘Dave’s Place’, which was an imitation of a lounge room and bedroom to create the feel of a house party. The festival was also fitted with a whole range of different bars and dining areas that offered a place to kick back, chat with friends and just take in the warmth of the surroundings.

One of Secret Garden’s finest qualities is that it’s an event that caters a safe and accommodating space for all it’s patrons by enforcing the ‘No Dickheads Or Dirtbags Policy’. Having this rule enforced has helped the event attract a diverse range of punters that wholly contribute to the overall atmosphere of the festival and truly make it a unique happening that should be treasured. Long live Secret Garden!

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