Video Premiere: Dilettantes - 'Rabble'

Words by Lewis Brideson

Local punk rockers Dilettantes have just released a dog-filled music video for their track 'Rabble'.

Teaming up with local filmmaker, Aaron Schuppan, with help from Frazer Dempsey, the band asked all their mates to bring their dogs over for a day of filming as they played in every possible location in their house. Watch here:

Despite the fun clip, 'Rabble' has a heavier message, explains vocalist Rick Foster:

"Working in a trade, Shaun [drums] and I have the pleasure of hearing a lot of racist, homophobic and misogynistic bull shit spewed out pretty casually. A lot of victim blaming gets thrown around. I've heard some really horrible vicious things being said by people I thought were great role models. It's hugely disappointing and makes us furious with how normalised it is to not view other humans as human. This song is just a big fuck you to all of that."

Dilettantes are launching 'Rabble' in the Exeter Beer Garden on Saturday April 15, more info here.