Cool alert: Ensemble launches on Gilles Street

Words by Haneen Martin
Photos by Emily Dawe

Mates, aesthetic sisters and four of some of Adelaide’s best makers bring us Ensemble.

Ensemble is the stunning new shop and studio for local small business owners, Beccy Bromilow (BB shoemaker), Anny Duff (Good Studios), Naomi Keyte (Joyoga) and Emma Sadie Thompson  that brings a new energy to their home on Gilles Street in the CBD. I sat down with three of these businesswomen for a chat in the “Spanish parlour” (AKA store front) ahead of their official launch party on Thursday night.

On more than one occasion we are distracted by people walking past and taking an interest in the shop front and studios, all doors open and the brand new interior being shown off in equal parts as the things for sale inside. Their determination and eagerness to create a warm, inviting space is clear.

YEWTH: What is Ensemble about?
Anny: It’s a really similar approach to when the four of us had our pop-up (over the summer) where none of us were interested in working on our own anymore. We wanted to support each other. All of our stuff is aesthetically complimentary, so whatever opportunities we have to collaborate and work together with people is really exciting. To me, people who have those same ideas as to how they grow a business, it’s not about having that little nest egg that you’re building on your own, part of it actually is that collaborative aspect. This space encompasses that.

How long have you guys been here, officially?
Beccy: 6 weeks?
Anny: I think we got the keys on the 9th of February and we began work that week. We were having 18 hour days where we ripped up carpet, repainted the walls, cleaned the concrete and polished it with an eco-resin.
Beccy: I was moved in here in the middle of February and the others were more settled a couple weeks later.
Anny: We just got it done, but we’ve been nesting… We needed to get the shop open as soon as possible.

I’m getting really distracted, this place is really beautiful.
Anny: Yeah, I’ve learned to not get attached to any plants. I stare at them whenever I’m out here then they sell.

You have this amazing back space for yoga and other people have been expressing interest in renting it out already.
Beccy: Yeah, while we were renovating we had so many people walking past, stopping and being like, “What are you doing?” and asking questions about it, so now that we’ve actually put the word out heaps of people want to be part of it or just see it.


Come be part of the Ensemble community and experience it all for yourself.
Ensemble launches 6pm Thursday night, 94 Gilles Street
Food and bevvies by Commune of Buttons, Pirate Life and Seed Designs
(psst. The shop will be open and there will be exclusive discounts for the launch only!)