Review: Lonelyspeck EP Launch at Ancient World

Words by Zoe Walker
Photos by Anders Wotzke

Ancient World is comfortable, accommodating and very, very chill. The first time I went there, I ended up chatting with one of the owners and he said something along the lines of, "well we really just wanted a place where we can experiment and do cool shit". Correct me if I’m wrong, but a dancefloor that doubles as a blanket fort is some pretty cool shit. Not to mention, whoever is booking the beautifully curated line-ups deserves a whole lot of credit.

It was still light outside as people slowly turned up to Lonelyspeck's Lave EP launch on Sunday night, most of us being rather drained from Friday and Saturday night’s antics. Without much of an introduction, Louis Bullock took to the decks and began sending the crowd into a state of conscious meditation. Thankfully, a few people sat down at the front of the dancefloor, prompting half the crowd to follow suit. Would this happen on a Friday night? Most likely not. Sitting down turned out to be the most enjoyable way to experience the gig, so perhaps the Sunday timing was perfect. Louis played what seemed like an eternal dreamscape. His successive style makes way for a unique storytelling experience; one that is up to the individual. 

Allume graced the stage with an endearing awkwardness and a sense of humility, almost as if she were entirely unaware of her own natural talent. Her looping vocals were stunning, which is funny because after speaking with her, she explained that her vocals would probably be a lot better if it weren’t for her love of smoking. In my opinion she should just keep doing what she's doing, because her vocals are gorgeous just as they are. The smoke machine, while a simple, grungy prop, added an ethereal haze of which the music naturally beckons.

Lonelyspeck (aka Sione Teumohenga) eventually hit the stage and explained to the crowd that he didn’t see himself as a ‘headliner’ and was more happy to just be playing alongside two other brilliant artists. He began, “thanks for coming. I never really know if anyone will come…” There's a pattern of humility with these artists and it’s adorable.  Along with soft vocals, his guitar played a powerful role as he glided through his latest EP, Lave. It’s hard to pick a favourite from the EP, but the vocals in ‘All My Skin on the Air’ are just so damn nice to shut your eyes to.

All in all, the night was a real eye-opener for anyone who has doubts about the experimental electronic music scene here in Adelaide. They seem to be emerging from their bedrooms in quite a force.

Buy Lonelyspeck's new EP, Lave, in digital or vinyl form on Bandcamp here.