Fringe Review: Baby Got Back

Words by Freya Langley

The Fringe can always be a little bit hit and miss. Sometimes you pay twenty bucks to see some not-remotely-funny white dude make jokes about his penis and still living with his mum at 30 (miss), sometimes you catch a theatre performance that blows your socks off (hit), and sometimes you accidentally take your friends to a sex-show. Baby Got Back is undoubtedly a hit. Skilfully combining burlesque, dance, circus and stripping with comedy, music and film to create sixty minutes of chaotic comedy and psychosexual adventure, Baby Got Back is an intelligent, funny and empowering burlesque-cabaret that is not to be missed.

Hosted in Gluttony’s Spiegel Zelt, by the infinitely funny and effortlessly charming, Memphis Mae, Baby Got Back takes the audience along with her on her journey to make her ass famous. The audience enters to Pussy Riot’s fun, politically charged “Straight Outta Vagina”, setting the perfect tone for the evening. The performance opens with a hyperactive mash-up of asses in cartoons, before three women in fluorescent pussy(cat) costumes and nipple pasties explode onto the stage.

Peacock striptease, an absurdly comical routine involving donuts, nude skipping and a pussy that bites back - the performances are fun, sexy, unashamedly feminist and at times, politically charged. A steamy strip performance opened with an essential soliloquy, addressing and dismantling the invasive and unjust stereotypes surrounding sex work and stripping.

Puppeteers delivered a brilliant, invaluable and infinitely hilarious commentary on white feminism. Talking out of their asses to poke fun at the likes of Pauline Hanson and Lena Dunham. While Memphis Mae uses the breaks to display the various talents of her ass - from balloons to painting. Her humour is clever, cheeky and crass - pushing boundaries, joking with her audience and preaching the importance of consent throughout.

The all-girl, all-guts collective of dancers, comedians, vaudevillains and showgirls that is Baby Got Back - this season delivered an empowering, honest, intelligent and genuinely funny celebration of sex, flesh, profanity and ass.

***If you’re a little vanilla or if nudity makes you uncomfortable, I am SO sorry but this show is not for you. Definitely 18+, definitely coarse language, sexual references and nudity.***

Baby Got Back is appearing at Gluttony’s Spiegel Zelt until Sunday 5th March. Tickets via FringeTix