Fringe Review: INTEGRATION presented by Thomas Capogreco

Words by Haneen Martin


That is the only way I can describe this show.

INTERGRATION is part performance art, part immersive soundscapes created by Thomas Capogreco set in the magnificent Waterside Workers Hall in Port Adelaide, home to experimental theatre collective Vitalstatistix.

We were met at the entrance of the hall with a shaky announcement from the creator of the show with an invitation to make ourselves at home once within the hall. Daunted, perhaps a little excited, part of the experience involved a poem performance that was a little like what I imagine the very, very early stages of the very first draft of Dadaist writing sounds like. Unsure once again, we are invited to use our smartphones to aid in emphasising the soundscape to further immerse us in the performace. Unfortunately, there were some technological glitches and our initial invitation to aid with the show was severed.

If this works for the next shows, this will be a great warm up for what is to come.

That said, what appeared to be an interactive theatre performance did not extend an atmosphere of welcome; most of the audience were not invited to participate and those that were, were either too confused to move, or fully immersed in the show.

Not to give anything away, but prepare yourself for two oiled up, sweaty people tied together in a pool, some excellent dancing and a lot of I-have-no-idea-what.

Today (March 4) is your final opportunity to experience INTEGRATION for your self... tix and info here.