Fringe Review: Adam Page's 'YouTunes' at RCC

Any Fringe show Adam Page conjures, just like any instrument he touches, turns to musical gold. YouTunes is no different. However, while it's a safe choice amongst the overwhelming list of shows this season, it's a little less safe for you. Expect to get involved.

YouTunes, held in the Ukiyo tent of the Royal Croquet Club, is based around sampling and looping sounds created by the audience and evolving them live into full-blown works. In fact, the show starts in the lineup to its doors with Adam quickly grabbing some sound bites on his phone (one lucky reviewer got to make the first song’s kick drum sound, it was pretty tight).

While YouTunes doesn’t fall too far from what you’d expect from Adam if you’ve seen him perform before, the show is held together by his honest charisma and pure talent. Adam’s mastery of quick recording, intricate looping and insane saxophone is captivating. However, even more impressive is that internal metronome ticking inside his head combined with great knowledge of beat structure and a finely tuned ear (imagine finding the key out of a bunch of crowd noises). This is what allows him to turn even the most average fart/whistle/slap/yelp into a song – and find utter joy in the process.

Whilst the speaker fit-out was lacking for a tent of adequate size for an audio upgrade, the show flowed seamlessly. It progressed through genre; from fart-scratch-hop to fat-bottom-whistle-reggae, wonk and a much needed and appreciated trip through musical therapy to balance the set list, proving any untrained person can find harmony in pressing a few keys.

Despite all the parts to the act, the highlight came in the tone and syllable structure of someone’s name. When preparing to scat and beat-box a song from a random crowd member’s first and last name, Adam came face to face with a Belgium man with a name to (sonically) die for... Sorry, not sure how to spell it.

If you have a name with a bit of pizzazz go and get Adam to remix it. It’ll leave everyone involved in stitches.

Catch Adam Page's Fringe shows YouTunes or Like It or Loop It up until March 19.