Fringe Review: Yianni Agisilaou’s 'The Simpsons Taught Me Everything I Know'

Words by Liam Bosecke

Yianni, remember him? He’s back! In Fringe form… ‘Yianni Agisilaou’s: The Simpsons Taught Me Everything I know’ is a hilarious stand-up comedy/nostalgia-fest brought back by popular demand. This show is for any die-hard fanatic who just can’t get enough of that humour we got to know and love from The Simpsons.

The Rhino Room’s atmosphere was electrifying; all too familiar tunes from the show greeted the audience as we entered the room, this was appropriately accompanied by Simpsons memes that Yianni had projected onto the back wall. With the atmosphere set, the show was ready to begin.

Yianni’s amazing trivial knowledge of useless Simpsons facts are truly the work of either a man who has way too much time on his hands, or a comic genius. The latter surely fits the description, since he not only managed to teach everyone in the room a great deal of Simpsons trivia, but he also managed to successfully involve the crowd in ways which left everyone wanting more. His brilliant (or brilliantly terrible) execution of punchlines, timing and smoothness of topic transitions are directly comparable with how the Simpsons executed their own jokes during the ‘golden era’ of the show (Season 3 – 10). Yianni made great use of video and still images throughout the night to delicately and skilfully weave together segments from the TV show, his own life and even Australian Politics.

Yianni’s unrivaled passion and dedication to the show had destined the experience to be a memorable and educational laugh-out-loud comedy homage to one of the longest running American sitcoms ever.  If you’re a Simpsons fan who undoubtedly quotes the show at the most inappropriate times, then this show is definitely for you (if he performs it again).

The Simpsons Taught Me Everything I Know’ has now finished it’s run of this years Fringe, Yianni however still has a couple of other fringe shows running until the end of March. Including: ‘Comedian’s Against Humanity’ and ‘The Un-Pinchable Pink Pen’. Why not choo-choo-choose to check them out for some fun diddly-un!

‘Comedian’s Against Humanity’ is on two more nights, March 18th and 19th, tickets here.
‘The Un-Pinchable Pink Pen’ is on from March 7th to 19th, tickets here.
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