Fringe Review: Duncan M. Turner - The Ends Is Nigh

After the success of last year's tinfoil-hat-wearing lizard-people-bagging adventures in Duncan Turner Was An Inside Job, the local lad is back with a fresh hour of laughs and skeptical observations.

Touching on subjects like a bogus epilepsy cure by an ex-girlfriend's friend's mother and the possibility of a zombie apocalypse, Turner takes the audience on a countdown of the myriad ways the world will potentially end. He covers a lot of ground in the show at a steady pace, with each punchline inciting a round of belly laughs punctuated by Turner's impressively cheesy selections for his sample pad (oh yes, this show includes music too).

Peppered with a healthy dose of cynicism, Turner holds his own behind the mic and engages the audience with ease. This is far from a bitter Hitchins-esque rant - Turner is lighthearted and silly in his approach, effortlessly blending ridiculous anecdotes from his work as a bartender and admin assistant with broader reflections on history and the state of the world (I learned that we live in a time where Mountain Dew Doritos are a thing - atrocious).

If you're in need of a giggle and a terrifying reminder of the fragility of the world we live in, Turner is your guy. The end of days has never been so funny.

Duncan M. Turner's The Ends Is Nigh will continue at The Producers Nook until March 19. Tickets via FringeTix.